The Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices


GPS trackers are getting thinner, less expensive, and better for security and outdoor activity than before. In reality, numerous exceptional models may have sneaked into the marketplace without you understanding it. Here’s a list of the top individual tracking devices for the safety of your kids, animals, and treking experiences.

1. Trax


Trax stands out by being highly consumer-oriented in its method to GPS tracking devices. The company uses one Trax plan that includes two various clips (albeit only one tracker), one for clothing and one for a collar, showing the company’s two various methods for kids and dogs. The app functions are likewise designed for split functions. You can create schedules, track phones, style your own geofences or distance fences, and established speed notifies for unexpected behavior. There’s also an intriguing increased truth options that helps show where the tracker is nearby when utilizing your phone electronic camera, a feature special to Trax.

2. Spot Gen3


Spot Gen3 takes a different technique to GPS tracking using a personal GPA tracking device that’s a lot more than simply a tracking chip. This bigger tracker comes without a screen (to be much more resilient, it seems) but does have numerous buttons for various commands. It can track exactly where you are, tape-record where you’ve been, permit you to sign in at particular locations, and even send out particular pre-planned messages or SOS signals when needed. Make no mistake, Spot is for hiking and adventuring enthusiasts, not for making certain your kids come home safely– however it’s also very good at what it does.

3. DeLorme InReach SE


The DeLorme inReach SE, in spite of its odd capitalization, is an exceptional modern-day GPS tracker if you want something more social than the Spot Gen3. This device has a small screen and basic direction buttons you can use to tap out a text no matter where you are or what mountain you just scaled. It likewise has SOS abilities, substantial tracking, and a highly outstanding 100-hour lithium battery. It’s a bit more expert and feature-filled than the Gen3, however the price is also substantially higher.

4. Amber Alert GPS


Back to the essentials: If you simply wish to make certain that your kids are safe, take a look at this little tracker dongle, designed particularly for parents. Actually, it’s a little unfair to call it merely a tracker, since this GPS tracking dongle also consist of two-way voice communication that can be activated with a single button. It offers basic tracking and safety notifies for worried parents, connecting to a smartphone app that can reveal location and more. It’s an excellent little device for safety-based tracking, however it does include a catch. The GPS tracker requires a coverage plan that costs at least $15 per month plus an activation cost, which may not compare positively to alternatives like Trax depending on your requirements.

5. PocketFinder


PocketFinder is something of a grocery store in the individual tracking devices world, with alternatives for people, pets and cars, each with its own qualities. The personal GPS locator is created for kids, teenagers, senior citizens, and anyone else who wants them. The knob-like shape is a little odd compared with other offerings, but all the performance is still present, total with an app that overlays maps with the locations of several people. Geofencing also gives you crucial updates on area. If you aren’t quite sure what functions you desire in a tracker, PocketFinder’s designs make a great beginning place for your research.


Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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