Setting Up Triple Click on an iPhone Screen

The iPhone uses service and personal users a wealth of availability options varying from inverting the colors of the device to magnifying the screen, allowing a user to set up the device according to his needs. For users who discover themselves only requiring an ease of access option occasionally, Apple supplies users a method to rapidly activate or deactivate any one of these features immediately by pushing the “Home” button 3 times. You can set the Triple-click Home feature, to activate any or all of the following 4 ease of access options: VoiceOver, Invert Colors, Zoom and AssistiveTouch.

1. Touch the “Settings” icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

2. Touch the “General” button followed by the “Accessibility” button.

3. Touch “Triple-click Home” situated at the bottom of the Accessibility screen.

Setting Up Triple Click on an iPhone Screen

4. Tap any of the four availability choices to assign that choice to the Triple-click Home function. A check appears beside the choice to suggest you picked it. If you select more than one alternative, the iPhone will ask you which one you wish to trigger when you use the Triple-click Home feature.


You can slow down the speed required to activate the Triple-click Home function by tapping “Home-click Speed” in the Accessibility menu.


Information in the article applies to iPhones with iOS 6.1 and may vary in other versions of the operating system.