Sedan vs. hatchback: which is the best for family with baby in 2022

When choosing a passenger car, among many other criteria, the buyer has to consider the features of the body design. Which is preferable – a sedan or a hatchback? There is no universal answer to this question. Everything is decided by the individual preferences of the future owner and the expected peculiarities of the car operation.


From an engineering point of view, the main difference between the sedan and hatchback bodies is in their volume solution. In the first case, the engine compartment, passenger compartment and trunk are made in the form of independent sections. In particular, the sedan is a classic “three-volume” design. Cars with such a body usually have a fairly long wheelbase and a solid, presentable appearance.

In a hatchback, the body is two-volume. In its front section is the power unit, the rest of the body is a single space in which the luggage compartment begins just behind the backrest of the second passenger row. Thanks to the wide and high rear door, as well as the ability to fold the rear seat almost to floor level, the hatchback manages to carry quite bulky cargo.


Due to the long body and features of the roof and trunk design, cars in sedan format are more expensive to produce, so they cost more than comparable hatchbacks in terms of equipment. In terms of safety, according to the experts, the driver and passengers are more protected by the one-piece design of the shortened body of the two-volume models. Though the sedan has an advantage in stiffness in case of hits from behind.

Modern sedan

In Russian climate the future owner of a car should take into consideration, that a sedan saloon is warmed up more warmly in winter and cooled down better with an air conditioner in summer.

But in most cases for the buyer is decisive importance inherent versatility of hatchbacks, the back seat of which is folded, and the useful volume of the cabin increases. Thus, at normal times the rear seat is occupied by passengers, but if it is necessary to transport a cargo, even a fridge or a washing machine can be placed in the transformable luggage compartment of the hatchback. The main thing is that these things fit into dimensions of a back door. It is rather practical.


The sedan is leaving us

According to sales statistics, sedans are more popular in the United States than hatchbacks. Fans of sedans highlight the following advantages:

  • Traditional and solid appearance, associated with expensive cars of the executive class.
  • The ability to quickly warm up or cool down the interior, more compact in comparison with the hatchback.
  • Better aerodynamic characteristics that reduce fuel consumption and the rear window does not get dirty in bad weather.
  • When transporting poorly packed things in the isolated luggage compartment, their rattling and banging can not be heard in the cabin and do not distract the driver from driving.
  • Opening the trunk in winter, even for a long time, you can not worry about the penetration of frosty air into the cabin.

Of some disadvantages of cars with a sedan body, it is fair to note their significant size, which creates certain difficulties when parking. And also more modest possibilities for transportation of consumer goods.


Kia Serato hatchback

Cars with a passenger compartment combined into a common space with the luggage compartment are quickly catching up with sedans in popularity. There are a number of user benefits that contribute to this:

  • Convenient parking due to a shorter wheelbase and rear body overhang.
  • Ability to transport diverse cargo.
  • Somewhat lower price in the market in comparison with similar on the main technical parameters sedans.
  • Modern appearance.

Hatchbacks are also not without some disadvantages. For example, in winter it is colder in them, and in case of rear impacts, the shorter body is not always able to reliably protect passengers. But these disadvantages do not stop buyers, for whom the decisive factor of choice is a large rear door and the increased useful volume of the cabin.

Questions and answers about comparing sedans to hatchbacks

Are hatchbacks more popular than sedans?

In the U.S., sedans significantly outsell hatchbacks. That isn’t true in the majority of other nations, where buyers choose hatches to their more conventional 4-door equivalents. We’ve taken a look at the hatchback vs sedan argument and noted a number of reasons that it might be an excellent idea to offer the hatchback a try.

Why do hatchbacks cost more than sedans?

Hatchback sales are quickly rising, but today more drivers continue to purchase a larger number of sedans than hatchbacks. Among the factors for this is basic mathematics, hatchbacks normally cost more than sedans. And the price boost for a hatch can be significant.

Is sedan much safer than hatchback?

The hatchback is quite roomy

A hatchback or sedan with a high safety ranking will be definitely much safer than a comparable car with a low safety ranking. So, regardless of what car type you buy, select the safest alternative. In US, that often indicates selecting the lorry with several air bags and ABS.

Are sedans safe for children?

While the tiniest option of the three, sedans can still be a safe and practical option for child safety and safety seat. Packing safety seat into sedans can be a little bit more difficult, however their safety rankings measure up to that of minivans and SUVs.

Is a hatchback a good family car?

The hatchback boot and folding rear seats indicate that they work for trips to the dump or for carrying bigger products like bicycles. As they are small and do not weigh a lot, hatchbacks are also great to drive; the best ones have perfectly weighted controls, comfortable seats and pleasurable handling.

Which is simpler to drive sedan or hatchback?

Sedans are more comfy for long drives, they are more stable at high speeds. As for hatchbacks, they are convenient for parking in dense traffic, it is frequently more convenient to use a hatchback for a trip to the countryside, where there are rough roadways.

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