Restore iPad to Factory Setting

Restore iPad to Factory Setting

The two most typical reasons for resetting an iPad to the factory default settings are to prepare the iPad up for a new owner or to get rid of an issue with the iPad that just rebooting the iPad won’t fix.

If you are planning on offering your iPad, and even giving it to a member of the family, you will wish to reset the iPad to the factory default settings. This will wipe your iPad, eliminating the settings and data, and returning it to the specific state as when you first opened package. By wiping the iPad, you allow it to be established effectively by the new owner.

How to Erase All Content on the iPad

You can safeguard yourself and your individual details by making sure all of the settings and information are erased from the iPad. The procedure of resetting ought to include switching off the Find My iPad function.

Resetting the iPad is likewise used as a troubleshooting tool. Many common issues can be resolved by erasing the upseting app and downloading it once again from the App Store or powering the iPad down and rebooting it, but issues that persist beyond these actions will normally clear up after resetting the iPad. Prior to doing a complete wipe of the iPad, you can attempt clearing the settings and resetting the network settings, both of which can be done on the very same screen used to reset the iPad.

In either case, you will wish to ensure you backup the device to iCloud prior to resetting it. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap iCloud from the left-side menu.
  3. Tap Backup from the iCloud settings.
  4. Then tap Back Up Now.

Reset the iPad to Factory Default

Restore iPad to Factory Setting

After you have actually performed a backup, you are all set to remove all the material on the iPad and reset it back to “factory default”.

  1. First, launch the Settings app, which is the app icon that looks like equipments turning.
  2. Once inside the settings, find and tap General on the left-side menu.
  3. Scroll to the end of the General settings to find and tap Reset.
  4. Numerous options for resetting the iPad become available. Choose the one that works best for your scenario.

Keep in mind: If you have Find My iPad turned on, this process will turn it off, and you will no longer be able to discover the iPad using this function.

Keep in mind: If you are offering or offering the iPad to a pal, there is a Find My Friends feature that will enable you to share your location.

Erase the Content and Settings on Your iPad

Restore iPad to Factory Setting

If you are giving your iPad to a relative who is going to use the very same Apple ID account, you may want to choose the first option: Reset All Settings. This will leave the information (music, movies, contacts, etc.) however reset the preferences. You can also attempt this if you are having random problems with the iPad and aren’t quite all set to go through with a full clean.

If you are resetting the device because you are having difficulty linking to your Wi-Fi or having other issues with internet connection, you may first attempt Reset Network Settings. This will clear out any data kept on your specific network and might help clean up the problem without the need to do a complete bring back.

But many people will wish to pick to Erase All Content and Settings. This safeguards you by making sure all information is off the iPad, which includes info for your iTunes account. If you are offering the iPad on craigslist, eBay, or to a buddy or family member who will be utilizing a various iTunes account, pick to erase all content and settings.

Erase the Data on Your iPad

Restore iPad to Factory Setting

If you pick to erase the material and settings from your iPad, you will need to verify your choice two times. Due to the fact that this will set your iPad back to the factory default, Apple wishes to double check your choice. If you have a passcode lock on the iPad, you will likewise need to enter the password.

After confirming your option, the process of eliminating the information on your iPad begins. The entire process takes a couple of minutes and, during the process, the Apple logo will appear in the middle of the screen. Once it is done, the iPad will display a screen that reads “Hello” in numerous languages.

At this point, the data on the iPad is erased and the iPad has gone back to the factory default. If you are offering or offering the iPad to a new owner, you are done. If you reset the iPad in order to clean up a problem you were having with it, you can set it up as if it were a new iPad and restore your newest backup from iCloud.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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