Replacing Verizon FiOS Router

Ready for replacing Verizon FiOS router, but not sure if it is possible? Let’s figure it out with you and I think we can do it.

Can you replace Verizon FIOS router with your own?

It is quite realistic to replace the Verizon FIOS router with any other one, although some additional simple steps will be required. You can use any router you desire, it’s simply that the Verizon router has moca WAN so it’s nice and easy to link and use it without issue. Cable television modems use docsis so they’re not suitable.

If you run ethernet and call tech assistance to switch the WAN from coax to ethernet you can use any router that you desire, whether it’s a used G1100 bought from wherever, or any regular router with a WAN ethernet port. Some popular cheap ones are Netgear Nighthawks, TP-Links, Asus, etc. You don’t need to spend a lot you can quickly invest less than $100 and get a quality router.

Replacing Verizon FiOS Router

Bear in mind running the ethernet likewise future-proofs in the sense that any future speed upgrades won’t need a tech to come out considering that the information connection is currently operating on ethernet between the ONT and the router. Inevitably down the road they’ll upgrade higher than the 100 and will need ethernet anyhow. The most affordable “mix and match” speeds provided now are 200/200 which need the ethernet cable in place.

Does Verizon replace router for free?

Replacing Verizon FiOS router can be done free of charge. If your Verizon router stops working correctly and the reason is technical and not, say, something you spilled on it or dropped it, it should be replaced for free. Contact their tech support and explain your case.

How often should you replace your Verizon router?

It is recommended that you replace your Verizon FiOS router at least every 5 years. Rooter models become obsolete and network quality degrades.

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