Refrigeration System Repair Cost

Cooling systems came into our lives quite a long time ago. Although the reliability of such equipment is quite high, sometimes you have to resort to repairs. Depending on the cause of the failure, the repair process may include both preventive measures for cleaning filters, filling the tank, and changing individual parts of the refrigeration system.

Signs Your Refrigeration System Needs Repairs

Before we get to the price of repair of refrigeration equipment, let’s first make sure that our AC system needs repairs. Experts recommend contacting a repair service center if you find the following problems with your equipment:

refrigeration system repair cost

Your Refrigeration System unit may be malfunctioning if you notice the following problems:

  • Unit continues to turn on and off.
  • System freezing up from a freon 8 leakage.
  • Little or no air coming out of the vents.
  • Higher than normal energy bills.
  • Humidity is not being pulled out of the indoor air.
  • Unit makes excessive sound.
  • Your air conditioner will not switch on.
  • Moldy smell if humidity in the home rises above 60 percent.
  • Water dripping around the system.
  • Ice buildup on the system, lines, or compressor.
  • Air not cooling.
  • The lights in the home dim when the system begins.

Refrigeration System Repair Cost by Type of Unit

Of course, the cost of repairing a conventional window air conditioner will differ from the cost of repairing a centralized cooling system. Therefore, we give you an approximate price in the United States for the main types of AC:

Type of unitCost to repair
Window AC$30-$130
Swamp Cooler$70-$510
Central Air$85-$550
Portable AC$90-$280
Ductless Mini Split$740-$960

Cost by Type of Repair

If you were able to determine the type of failure in the cooling system, then it is appropriate to immediately read the prices for repairs of certain types of problems encountered when servicing such systems.

Repair Clogged Air Filter of Air Conditioner
A clogged up air filter will cause your system to overwork and even burn out. Consumers can anticipate to pay $70-$200 as the specialist will charge a minimum service charge to clean or change the air filter.

AC Blower Repair Cost
This is a motor that makes the fan blades move inside the system so your house stays cool. The Air Conditioner blower 7 is essential to the system as it decreases hot air and presses cool air out. Repair work will most likely expense $110-$160.

AC Circuit Board Repair Cost
The circuit board is the electronic system that runs your Air Conditioning. You could state it is the brains of the operation as it makes decisions regarding the correct voltage to be utilized in certain circumstances. Repairing expenses $100-$160.

Fix Clogged AC Drain Cost
Drain lines 2 ended up being obstructed by dirt, leaves and other particles. Blockages can result in mold and mildew, which trigger smells and humidity in your house. The cost to fix a clogged up Air Conditioning drain is around $90-$155.

Dirty Outside Air Conditioning Unit
The outdoor unit of your HVAC system is described as the condenser. Cleaning the condenser involves vacuuming particles such as yard, leaves, and dirt from the external section of the unit. Next, the service technician will use a soft brush to straighten the fins and after that tidy them. The fan will be eliminated and all of the interior of the system cleaned up. All parts inside the unit will be lubed. This service will cost you $90-$320.

Air Conditioning Recharge Cost
The cost to have freon 8 charged is $120-$310. Refrigerant recharge is usually done after a leak is repaired as the levels are low.

A/C Expansion Valve Repair Cost
This part changes the liquid refrigerant into a vapor. Once the refrigerant is converted to vapor, the expansion valve presses it into the evaporator. Cost to repair is on typical $140-$220.

A/C Capacitor Repair Cost
The capacitor provides the energy for your system to start. It sends a thrust of energy to start or to keep a motor going. The capacitor works with the compressor, outside unit, and the blower 7 motor. Typical cost to repair is $195-$260.

Air Conditioner Freon Leak Repair Cost
Freon is the cooling refrigerant that runs your A/C. If there is a leak, fixing the leakage might cost anywhere from $210-$1,600. The cost depends on the seriousness and place of the leakage.

Ac System Coil Leak Repair Cost
The evaporator coil on your Air Conditioning is utilized to remove heat from the house and launch it into the condenser to be cooled. The cost to repair work is about the same as replacement, at $240-$2,200 so depending upon your system’s age it might be wiser to change it.

AC Fan Motor Repair Cost
The fan motor is the part that cools the refrigerant to keep your unit from becoming too hot. It does this by cooling the heated refrigerant, which then takes a trip through the Air Conditioner coils. Repair costs range from $430-$680.

A/C Compressor Repair Cost
Your compressor is the pressure system that increases the temperature of the refrigerant. Found outside your home, it is typically described as the “heart” of the system. Because it is so important, repairs are typically expensive at $550-$1,250. If your system is old, it may be smart to think about changing the compressor at an expense of $1,100-$2,750.

Cost of Replacement Parts

Replacement partCost
Condensate pump$90-$170
Circuit board$100-$500
Fan motor$190-$685
Expansion valve$255-$460
Evaporator coil$240-$2,200

Bottom Line

If you are not sure about the cause of the failure of your cooling system, it is better not to resort to assumptions, as an error in determining the problem may cost you additional costs. Entrust the repair of expensive equipment to professionals.

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