Radio Control Cars for Adults

Many people think that R/C cars are merely a method to an end — a purposeful attempt to give up one’s dream for a real car, or a method to condition your kid into expecting a future that they might make through effort and persistence. In truth, RC cars are the start and the end themselves– they are indicated to captivate and stimulate.

The Best Ways to Choose a Remote Control Car

Push-button control cars remain in a special category that attract a broad range of individuals. From little kids simply learning to drive to hobbyists who race, upgrade and repair their cars and trucks, there’s an option for everyone. The trick to choosing the very best RC car is finding out exactly what you or the individual you’re buying for means to do with the car.

Experienced RC lovers typically choose cars and trucks with high leading speeds, accurate handling and advanced, performance-oriented features. These things, nevertheless, make driving and maintaining your car considerably more complicated. While these features sound helpful across the board, small children will merely have a challenging time controlling them.

When buying for little kids and toddlers, ease of use, security and toughness features, like a waterproof chassis, ought to instead be your main concerns. While these cars and trucks might not have the most outstanding specification sheets, they can fulfill your requirements much better and provide your kids a safe, beginner-friendly platform on which to hone their abilities.

When you choose the grade of car you’re after, you’ll also wish to think about whether you want an on-road car or the more flexible off-road variety. Buying a car particularly for the roadway suggests you’ll have unequaled handling on smooth surfaces. RC drift cars also allow you to move around corners with style.

On the other hand you have off-road cars, which, despite the name, are completely efficient in driving on and off the concrete. While you have more adaptability and more alternatives for jumps and stunts, you quit the dealing with efficiency of a road-specific car.

The very best RC cars and trucks also consist of rechargeable batteries. Having a battery that you can charge after each usage will wind up saving you a great deal of money and time in the long run. Battery life is the Achilles’ heel of push-button control cars and trucks, as the battery life has the tendency to be temporary. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider run time, or perhaps more significantly, charge time. Numerous RC enthusiasts use multiple batteries to increase run times.

Lastly, you must consider the remote control that includes your car of option. Some are very fundamental and deal just limited control of your lorry. Others, particularly the 2.4 GHz pistol-grip range, deal improved ergonomics in addition to accuracy controls. If you’re driving near other users, you’ll also want to take a look at the number of channels your remote deals. Running 2 cars on the exact same channel can cause interference between the two. For more valuable details, have a look at our other posts on the remote control cars.

Push-button Control Cars: What We Tested, What We Found

Upon getting our samples, we carried out a series of tests on the performance, design and remote functions of each car. Our performance tests fixated top speed and handling– functions that are very important for the higher-cost, hobby-grade cars.

Next, we concentrated on design– a classification that’s equally important throughout all remote control car designs. In this area, we focused the battery life and durability of each car. Due to the fact that we evaluated both rechargeable and nonrechargeable models, battery life varied extensively. Faster, advanced cars required a rechargeable NiMH battery and typically lasted in between seven and 15 minutes, while slower, kid-friendly models typically made use of standard alkaline batteries and, depending on the model, might run up to 90 minutes.

Nearly all of our other testing required the use of each car’s push-button control. Throughout this time, we evaluated the performance, intricacy and ease of use of each controller. For apparent reasons, kid-friendly designs have the tendency to favor simpleness and ease of use. While this makes them less precise than hobby-grade alternatives, they’re much easier for kids to comprehend.

Performance: Speed or Safety

For the majority of RC enthusiasts, performance is the most important aspect of a car. In lots of ways, the performance of your car or truck determines just what does it cost? enjoyable you can have with it. The main performance features are top speed, dealing with and main use.

Top speed is very important due to the fact that the faster your remote control cars and truck goes, the more fun you’re going to have destroying a dirt track, releasing off ramps or drifting around corners in your area. The only exception to this is if you’re buying an car for a young child or child. In that case, if you value your shins at all, it might be much better to choose a slower, more kid-friendly option.

We tested speed in this category by fitting each car with a GPS and running it on a smooth, straight course. We then ran each of the cars through the course a number of times. After this, we recorded the fastest speed each vehicle had the ability to reach. RC cars have the tendency to acquire 3 or 4 miles per hour as they continue to break in, so we made some modifications to represent that. The speeds priced quote by the producer are included for reference.

Handling is a difficult thing to test in any classification, however when comparing push-button control cars with entirely different desired usages, it ends up being even harder. For this factor, we set up different test courses for off-road and on-road lorries. We then ran each of the cars through the courses repeatedly and analyzed the handling. It’s worth keeping in mind that off-road cars are typically more flexible and deal with more reliably, regardless of surface.

Design: Battery Life is Precious

The truth of remote control cars and trucks is that you spend far more time charging your car than in fact driving it. That stated, some cars have longer driving time than others. Fortunately, screening battery life is relatively easy and provides beneficial insights.

On several occasions, we ran each car continuously until it might no longer run properly. Each of these runs was timed, and then we calculated the averages of those times. This assisted us estimate average drive times for these cars.

Safety must always come first, particularly if you’re shopping for a young child or toddler. These cars work on batteries which can be harmful if ingested, so always supervise children while they’re using a push-button control car.

While leading speeds, run times and features all differ within the world of push-button control cars, there is something typical to all RC cars, trucks and buggies: they all crash, typically with alarming consistency. For this factor, toughness is often a primary concern. At Top Ten Reviews, we evaluate all type of electronics in depth and can discern quality in products and building. In addition to carefully analyzing the elements and craftsmanship of each car, we likewise tested each one intensely in real-world circumstances. During this screening, we saw head-on accidents, stopped working dives, speed-induced summersaults and more. After each test, we reexamined each car for signs of premature wear, weaknesses and damaged parts.

The cars that stood up finest to our abuse made greater resilience ratings. This is, of course, relative to the intended use of your car. While on-road cars will typically encounter curbs, walls and other obstacles, ecological elements like sand and grit frequently pose a much higher hazard to the off-road variety. Indoor cars and trucks are less most likely to come across either. For this reason, we also think about these essential distinctions when scoring.

Remote Features: Kid Friendly Controls or Expert Precision

The push-button control is your user interface with the RC car. For this factor, it’s essential to pick a car that includes a remote matched to your skill level. In our evaluation, there are just a couple of significant remote types.

The most advanced remotes are the 2.4 GHz pistol-grip style. These provide proportional control over steering and throttle, along with increased varied and customizability. While these functions are all appealing to the innovative or adult user, kids will no doubt have a hard time with such delicate controls.

The 2nd type of remote is actually not a remote at all. Numerous lorries, yet simply one in our review, utilize a Bluetooth connection for control. This permits you to utilize a phone or tablet with your car and opens a totally brand-new world of possibilities. With this choice, you can stream music, run turn signals and even open the doors of your lorry. However, you spend for these additional features with a decrease in variety and increased difficulty in real driving.

The 3rd kind of remote is what we call the two-button controllers. Pressing the button on the left causes your car to veer to the right, while pressing the button on the best lead to the lorry turning to the left. When both buttons are pushed concurrently, the lorry takes a trip directly ahead. While this does not use much liberty or accurate control, it is an excellent way of simplifying things for kids.

What Else is Important in Selecting a Remote Control Car?

You need to also consider whether you’d like to be able to modify or update your lorry. With all their crashes, jumps and stunts, RC cars generally take quite a whipping in their lifetime. To obtain any real mileage out of an RC car, it’s a good idea to find one that you can repair if something goes wrong.

In addition to repair work, purchasing a modification-ready lorry indicates you’ll have the ability to personalize it to fit your driving design. With some designs, you have the flexibility to upgrade everything from the wheels and suspension, to the battery and motor. While these upgrades may be too made complex for a lot of kids, they can make for hours of enjoyable for the adult enthusiast.

Our Verdict & Recommendations:

The Traxxas Rustler, Redcat Racing Volcano EPX and Slash 2WD, provide an excellent entryway into the world of hobby-grade RC cars.

While these 3 cars and trucks are certainly the most advanced and fastest RC cars in our lineup, they’re not necessarily the best options for everyone. Kids will likely be much better off starting with something slower, like the remarkably capable Rock Crawler Extreme. The Rock Crawler provides simplified controls, a stable platform and large wheels. In spite of low speeds, it is in fact rather a happiness to drive and offers kids a chance to figure out push-button control cars before going all-in with a hobby-grade car.

For all its simplicity, however, the Rock Crawler Extreme is still a few skill levels beyond cars like the Morphibians Rover. The Rover is one of numerous almost identical Morphibians car. These cars and trucks are for the youngest remote control users and are extremely simple, safe and fun to drive. As its moniker suggests, the Morphibians Rover includes a completely water resistant chassis and floating design, making it possible to drive your car in calm water. While older users will likely tire of its simpleness, its combination of toughness, ease of use and adaptability make it an outstanding choice for young children and young children.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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