Promoting business in social networks with SMM service providers

According to statistics, about 8 hours a week people devote to social networks, more than 75% of users participate in discussions, contests and surveys, actively interact with the brand. With SMM promotion you can interact directly with consumers, introduce potential customers to the brand and encourage them to take targeted action, analyze feedback.

How to Achieve Burst Effect in Social Media Marketing

Demand breeds supply and this rule is very clear in the field of SMM promotion. Large and medium-sized businesses can hardly be imagined without pages on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube channels, where reviews of products and services are made, etc.

The competition forces to be more aggressive in the promotion and here the offers of SMM service providers are appropriate, who offer cheap and large volumes of the necessary “points of popularity”.

Promoting business in social networks

Of course, if you simply buy packages from an SMM service provider without knowledge of the characteristics of the business, the interests of its audience and other nuances, the effect will be small, and the chances of damaging your account in the social network will increase.

However, if you are an expert, or at least have the necessary understanding of the issue, then such services can be effectively used to boost the growth of business in the shortest possible time.

What should an SMM manager know?

SMM strategy

The strategy itself consists of the following steps.

  1. Write down the advantages and disadvantages of your product. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your own business, what its prospects and threats are.
  2. Choose promotion channels and track trends. Create content with high-profile stories and other hype phenomena in mind.
  3. Create creative that integrates the entire brand concept. Come up with a short, catchy phrase, then integrate it into all promotion channels.
  4. Content creation. Make sure only useful posts with bold photos of your product are shared with your subscribers.
  5. Promote your product and services in thematic communities and bloggers.
  6. Creation of viral content, contests and drawings.
  7. Control of indicators. Monitor the number of reach, clicks, users’ reactions to your content, determine which hashtags created the most engagement.

SMM Tools

To achieve success in SMM via social networks, it is important to know how to work with all the tools of SMM and understand which of them is more profitable to use in each individual case.

Let me list the modern promotion tools.

  • Content marketing. Writing unique texts and design of blogs, groups and communities. Proper design will help to promote your account faster and increase the conversion rate.
  • Promotion of blogs. It is necessary to think over many aspects: creating quality content, working with mailing lists, attracting the target audience and so on.
  • Work in thematic communities. For promotion, you can use not only your own platform, but also be active in other thematic communities. For example, leave comments under the latest news or talk about your product in appropriate forums.
  • Direct advertising. You can advertise your product on the pages of bloggers, in big sections which are suitable for the audience, and set up your own targeted advertising.
  • Viral marketing. This is a method of distributing text, photo or video content. Users voluntarily make reposts of the material which caught their attention. Some videos even find their way into the media, and posts can pop up on different resources for a long time.
  • Optimizing a site for social networks (SMO). A set of measures to promote your brand using marketing tools. The main tasks of SMO are: improving content, connecting comments through social networks, posting comments with a link to your site in thematic groups, writing a bright headline and more.

How much does SMM promotion cost

This is quite a subtle question, since much depends on the niche in which you work and the goals that you set for yourself.

Competent gradual development of the account in social networks, where publications are performed by a separate employee will be calculated on the basis of your contract in accordance with the tasks.

Paid promotion, of course, in accordance with the tariffs of each social network.

In general, using the services of SMM provaders should expect to pay from $1 to $4 for each subscriber on average, depending on the social network (for example, very inexpensive are subscribers on YouTube, but on LinkedIn, on the contrary, one of the most expensive).

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