Micro SDXC: Samsung EVO Select vs. SanDisk Extreme

Samsung EVO Select vs. SanDisk Extreme: what is the best Micro SDXC memory card? Let me share my research on this subject.

We must admit that both of these memory cards have several hundred thousand sales in the U.S. alone. So it would be completely wrong to consider one of them worse than the other. But I will try to highlight some points, which can give, albeit insignificant, but advantages in h2h comparison.

Samsung EVO Select Micro SDXC vs. SanDisk Extreme Micro SDXC

Why to Buy Samsung EVO Select Micro SDXC

Samsung has not only provided its premium micro SD with recording and storage capabilities, but has tried to protect this data as much as possible. See here:

Samsung EVO Select vs. SanDisk Extreme

  • Water Proof
  • X Ray Proof
  • Temperature Proof
  • Magnetic Proof

Wow! So if you use your device with this micro SD (or just keep it in your pocket or backpack) the chances of the card getting damaged are much less than with the standard micro SD. Yes, maybe your work with the card consists only of using it at home or in the office. Then it is unlikely that you will need these protective features of the card (although, for example, there is water in the glass, which stands at the laptop).

When else does it make sense to buy EVO Select Micro SDXC:

  • As a gift for a family member who leads an active lifestyle
  • For yourself, if you have children or pets who can “drown” the phone, etc. cases.

Why to Buy SanDisk Extreme Micro SDXC

SanDisk is a time-proven memory card manufacturer. This manufacturer is known for products with affordably priced products aimed at the general consumer, making the SanDisk Extreme Micro SDXC my choice as an effective price option.

In what cases I would advise to take SanDisk rather than Samsung:

  • If you’re confident that you won’t subject your micro SD card to “excessive testing.”
  • If you need to buy for several people (a small company, a group of like-minded people, etc.)
  • If you do not chase a brand and trust the manufacturers, focused on the general consumer.
  • if you need multiple micro SD cards and here too you should choose the cost-effective option.

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