Manage Aroma Therapy With A Smartphone Or Tablet

Aroma Therapy With A Smartphone

Another company we will be checking out at CES is Aroma Therapeutics. Their product, AromaCare is the first WiFi connected diffuser. It permits the user to wirelessly manage aromatherapy sessions, from a mobile device. You can manage an unlimited number of diffusers with the app by scheduling different programs throughout the day.

Aroma Therapy With A Smartphone Or Tablet

You can change the intensity of a diffusion, and see the portion contained in each pill and receive an automatic alert when a pill is empty. The AromaCare app permits the user to determine everything about their aromatherapy session, including its length, which mixes to make use of, and intensity.

AromaCare makes use of important oil pills for individual fragrance treatment that’s managed through your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily program a daily or nightly fragrance restorative. Fragrance intensity can be regulated to wake you up! A selection of 20-minute programs and dishes are available for respiratory difficulties, to release anxiety or memory stimulation.

The pills make use of an RFID tag which allows the AromaCare to acknowledge what’s inside a pill. RFID assists to prevent fake capsules.

Scent Therapeutics crafted 6 various blends, each which is created to deal with 6 different individual conditions. Each developed for health and wellness and checked in healthcare facilities and research centers across France. Existing recipes include:

  • Sleep # 5
  • Calm # 19
  • Tonic # 6
  • Memory # 4
  • Breath # 21
  • Apnea # 8

Fragrance blends are presently going through scientific studies for particular disruptions. Fragrance Therapeutics is focused on the best mix for pharmaceutical concerns to react to a user’s needs. Each capsule is made from biopolymer that is eco-friendly.

AromaCare is in its final stages of testing. A market-ready AromaCare prototype will be unveiled at CES. Visitors will experience the simpleness of operating AromaCare as well as its relaxing results and advantages.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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