HP vs. Dell Laptops: Which Brand Is Better in 2019?

HP vs Dell

Choosing between Dell and HP laptops, you focus on quality and reliability, strict and elegant design and high performance. And yet, what to give preference to?

If you’re planning to buy a new laptop there are numerous to select from, including designs from Dell and HP.

These 2 brands are well developed in the tech world and both produce quality products.

Prior to you decide, it’s worth looking at some essential features of the items from both of these companies.

Both Dell and HP will have a laptop in their variety that fits your needs and spending plan. Whether you’re a student, reporter, designer or an avid player, you’ll find a machine that will deal with your jobs.

Construct quality and components used are necessary, along with style, cost and client support.

Quick Comparison: HP vs. Dell

Components4.84.6In recent years HP has been using more expensive components than Dell
Design4.43.9Dell pays more attention to the functionality of laptops than design.
Price4.34.6HP laptops are a little more expensive than Dell.
Support4.34.8For many years, Dell’s technical support has been a role model, and is ahead of HP.
Overall Rating17,817,9

Dell Laptops

Dell is an American tech business based in Round Rock, Texas.

They were established by Michael Dell in 1984. They are now among the biggest tech companies in the world and produce desktops, laptops and other hardware.


Due to the truth that Dell produce such a big range of laptops, they use various processors, consisting of AMD and Intel. Dell tend to favor dual-core processors in their budget plan machines and quad-core processors in their higher specification designs.

In the greater end business machines and video gaming laptops, Dell utilize NVIDIA graphics processors and the AMD Radeon, which are both proven brand names.

If screen size is essential to you, then Dell have you covered: their screens vary in size from 11 to 17 inches. Many of the smaller screens are not full HD, however a few of the bigger ones are. The larger screens on Dell laptops likewise have a good resolution and picture quality is clear and bright.

Battery life is necessary to lots of laptop users, and if you need a portable laptop, it’s worth having a look at the battery type. Dell seem to prefer 3-cell batteries in their machines, which may not hold a charge as long as other batteries.


It appears that Dell concentrate more on functionality than a smooth design, as their laptops have a standard look. They do, however, produce laptops in a substantial variety of colors which other producers, such as HP, do not.

HP vs. Dell Laptops: Which Brand Is Better in 2019?
Dell tends more to the classic design of its laptops.

The Alienware gaming machines made by Dell have had a little bit more thought put in at the design stages. They have a special look that interest gamers, and they’re visually pleasing on the eye.

Dell is popular for producing laptops with effective cooling, and their attention to air flow is 2nd to none. If used correctly, it’s rare that the cooling fan on a Dell machine will start, unlike HP laptops, which can get hot.


Dell laptops have constantly been competitively priced and if you have a restricted budget then you ought to seriously consider buying from their variety. The business sell their items through licensed retailers, which helps them to keep prices down.

Dell have a large option of laptops at prices to match all spending plans, from basic note pad machines to high specification video gaming ones.

Dell will likewise construct you a machine to your specs if you don’t find an ideal design in their present range.


When it pertains to client support, Dell is among the best companies in the world to deal with. All machines are offered with a warranty that the business backs up with no quibbles.

If you call the Dell technical assistance line you’ll get your own individual assistant to help you fix the issue. The assistance assistant will talk you through how to repair the issue if it can be rectified.

If you have a fault that can not be fixed over the phone, your assistance technician might be able to connect to your machine and from another location identify the issue. If all these steps fail you’re directed to the nearest Dell repair center.


Dell are constantly monitoring client needs and adding new features to their laptops, and their variety of laptops reflects this. A few of their machines now have borderless screens, likewise known as infinity edge.

A few of the machines in the XPS series of Dell laptops feature a single chip that houses both the CPU and the GPU. This cutting-edge thinking is one of the important things that keep Dell as one of the marketplace leaders.

Why Dell Stand Out

The main point that sets Dell apart from their competitors is the vast series of items they have to use consumers. The tech world is highly competitive but Dell remains at the top of their game, thanks to consumer complete satisfaction.

Other factors keeping Dell as one of the market leaders are their rates and their outstanding customer care. All of these aspects are important to the consumers who are investing their hard-earned money on a brand name new laptop.

Feedbacks about Dell Laptops

Dell has actually gotten good reviews for many years from the experts and they continue to do so. PCMag voted the Dell XPS 13 9370 the best basic purpose and portable laptop of 2018 and granted it their editor’s option. They especially liked its compact design, construct quality and strong efficiency.

The reviewer was impressed with the style, bright screen and the comfort of the keyboard. They also praised this gaming laptop for its graphics, performance and long battery life.

Dell has won various other awards and not just for the products they make. The company is dedicated to environmental causes and improving the workplace.

A few of the awards Dell has actually received consist of:

  • CES Innovation award for its product packaging program
  • Ethisphere award for being among the world’s most ethical companies
  • CSR Impact award for youth opportunities in India
  • Human being Rights Campaign named Dell best place to work in 2018


Hewlett-Packard (HP) is another American tech company, with headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The business was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard and they are among the world’s leading hardware producers.


HP utilizes both Intel and AMD processors throughout their variety of laptops, and speeds are typically good.

In the lower-priced machines, HP utilize Intel HD graphics processors which carry out well.

In their higher spec gaming machines, HP are now fitting the latest generation Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics processors for optimal efficiency.

Screen size differs on HP laptops from 13 inches to over 17 inches on the OMEN gaming machine. Screen resolution on the budget-priced machines is typical, but it is much higher on the more costly designs.

Battery life on many HP laptops is excellent and you can expect 6 to 12 hours, depending on which machine you purchase. HP use both 3-cell and 4-cell batteries, which are both reputable when utilized properly.


Having a laptop that looks streamlined and elegant is important to many laptop users and it affects their choice when purchasing. HP has a variety of good-looking laptops in their range, however color choice is limited to just a couple.

HP vs. Dell Laptops: Which Brand Is Better in 2019?
HP, unlike Dell, pays more attention to the appearance of its products.

HP utilize various products to Dell to make some of their laptops, consisting of all-metal housings. These casings are often etched to personalize the laptop, which you can’t do with a plastic case.

HP has actually also invested money and time into the sound quality provided by their machines and they fit top quality speakers. A lot of the laptops in the existing HP variety function Beats audio technology for a remarkable noise.


HP laptops are typically more expensive than Dell machines and there are a number of reasons that. Some of the materials and parts utilized by HP are more pricey than Dell, and this expenditure has to be handed down to the customer.

HP laptops are just available from dedicated retailers and you are not able to buy directly from the company. The middle vendors need to earn a profit along with the producer, which again increases the sale price of each laptop.


HP provides a number of manner ins which laptop users can call them for technical assistance. All HP laptops are sold with an one-year warranty against hardware failures as well as a 90-day free phone support.

You’re able to use social media to get in touch, or use the HP Support Assistant. Alternatively, you can call them. HP now has a YouTube channel featuring videos that show you how to remedy a few of the most common issues.

The phone assistance is not as good as that provided by Dell and most of it is contracted out. Clients have reported that they needed to spend a lot of time on the line prior to their problem was repaired. It seems that some of the HP assistants are more concerned about anti-virus software than your actual issue.


HP has been among the leaders in hardware advancement for several years and they continue to develop new and amazing package.

They are understood for their advancement of printers, scanners, desktop machines, and laptops. From notebooks to the effective OMEN video gaming machine, the company preserves their place in the market.

Touchscreen innovation is now the norm, and the 2-in-1 machines from HP are some of the very best on the marketplace. These versatile machines appeal to a great deal of consumers and their attractive design makes them preferred.

Why HP Stand Out

HP continue to produce trendy laptops at affordable rates. From spending plan laptops to 2-in-1 touchscreen machines, there’s an HP machine for you.

We also like the attention to information that HP offer to their machines, such as sound quality and variety of ports. The majority of HP machines deliver exceptional noise and use third-party innovation to improve their audio.

Feedbacks about HP Laptops

In 2017, Engadget examined the HP OMEN 15 laptop and described it as a “gaming laptop for everyone”. They were impressed with the design as well as the practical keyboard and mouse. The reviewer especially liked the display and the truth that the machine is VR ready.

The HP Spectre x360 they described it as a “head turner”, due to its design and look. They rated the efficiency of the machine extremely and were impressed with the screen. The customer likewise liked the fact that the laptop had a separate numeric keypad.

Additionally, HP has actually won awards over the years, including the following:

  • 2005 Web award for best computer hardware website.
  • Working Mother Magazine award for top 10 companies to work for.

What Are The Main Differences Between Dell And HP?

Dell and HP are both appreciated in the tech world for producing reliable laptops that are reputable.

They both provide a series of machines for different applications, however Dell beats HP on the variety of laptop variations they use.

At the spending plan end of the scale, there’s not a lot in between the companies’ laptops. They both have similar processors, screens and other hardware.

HP machines look stylish and are more fit to business world however that’s a matter of option.

When To Choose Dell

If you’re on a spending plan and require a daily laptop that’s not going to let you down, you ought to choose Dell.

Their variety, construct quality and track record are all elements that lead us to this choice.

If you’re in the marketplace for a video gaming laptop it’s worth taking a look at the Alienware variety of laptops from Dell. These high-performance machines get good reviews from gamers and they look excellent.

All of the points we’ve pointed out combined with the outstanding consumer assistance you receive from Dell make their laptops serious contenders.

When To Choose HP

If you desire an elegant laptop that’s going to perform your tasks with ease, it’s well worth choosing an HP laptop.

Outstanding build quality, good parts and good appearances are all things you’ll receive from an HP laptop.

HP laptops are likewise more robust and durable than Dell machines due to the materials used to make the cases. If you take a trip a lot or your laptop is subject to heavy use, then a tough using machine is a must.

Although you do not get as much choice when purchasing an HP laptop as you finish with Dell, there will absolutely be one to suit your needs.


Dell and HP are, without a doubt, two of the leading and most trusted brand names in the laptop market, and they have definitely made their particular locations.

While both brand names offer a vast array of laptops, it is Dell that surpasses HP in terms of a sheer variety of designs they provide.

As gone over above, there are some improvements required by both brand names. Let’s simply state that if you require a regular laptop without all the bells and whistles and glossy design details, you can choose a design from Dell. Dell’s gaming laptops are likewise worth having a look if you seek a gaming machine.

On the other side is HP, a brand that offers some of the most ingenious and elegant machines that also carry out well. So, if this description seems to fit your expectations better, then pick an HP laptop. Undoubtedly, good looks are the first aspect that will persuade you to acquire this brand’s laptop; nevertheless, their machines are likewise constructed to be extremely durable and included good parts. In fact, using metal casings in HP machines makes them much more durable than Dell laptops.

All that being said, if you don’t have much to spend and believe it would be best to conserve every single cent that you perhaps can, a Dell laptop can assist you with the very same, due to the fact that they are priced a fair bit lower than HP.

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