How to Unlock a Vodacom SIM Card

How to Unlock a Vodacom SIM Card

Vodacom permits you to set a personal recognition number on your SIM card. When you place the SIM card into a brand-new phone, the phone will prompt you for the SIM PIN. If you get in the PIN incorrect three times, the card will lock and trigger you for a PIN unlocking secret. Even if you take the SIM card out and put it back in the initial phone, the SIM still won’t work. To unlock the SIM, you will require to get a brand-new PUK from Vodacom.

1. Acquire your PUK code from Vodacom. You can dial “082111” from a Vodacom phone, or send a text to “31050” by typing “VPP” on your phone with the locked SIM.

2. Type “05” followed by the PUK code for SIM1. For SIM2, enter “05” followed by the PUK.

3. Type a “” followed by your brand-new SIM code, then type “” and the SIM code again. End up by getting in a “#” at the end. For example, if SIM1 is locked and your PUK code is 123456, and you desire your brand-new SIM code to be 5555, type “_ 05_55555555 #” on your phone.

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