How to Text From a Different Number

How to Text From a Different Number

Whether you are pulling a practical joke or attempting to keep something a surprise, your contact number always provides you away. However luckily, there are a number of strategies to send out texts with a various contact number. Keeping your number a secret can both include enjoyment and humor to an otherwise normal text.

Easy Way of Sending a Text From a Different Number

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  1. Get a Google Voice number. Google Voice allows you to choose a local number that can connect all your various numbers, such as landline and cell phones, together. You can text from your computer system or from your phone if your carrier has a Google Voice app. The number that looks like the return number will be your Google Voice number. A Google Voice number is free and only requires a Google account.
  2. Send a text from the recipient’s mobile phone service provider websites. Some phone provider websites like, Verizon and Cricket, enable you to send out a text message to among their subscribers from their site. If you don’t know their cell phone supplier, you can search the number on the carrier’s website or run a search with a reverse number directory site, like (see Resources). Sending a text from the provider’s website needs a valid contact number, so ensure the number you use actually exists.
  3. Mask your number. Many novelty sites, like Phony Message and Spooftel (see Resources), exist where you can alter or “satire” your number. These websites charge either a membership cost or require a purchase of credits to send a message, and some of the websites have actually launched iPhone apps for higher ease of access. As of September 2010, Fake Message allows for a single free text in its trial membership.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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