How to Switch a Metro PCS Service to Another Metro PCS Phone

How to Switch a Metro PCS Service to Another Metro PCS Phone

Phones need to be updated as our lifestyle modifications. MetroPCS customers can alter their phone to a newer design, switch to a temporary phone while waiting on repairs or replacement, or can just swap their phone with a pal who is also on the MetroPCS network. It is simple and quick to switch any MetroPCS phone with another MetroPCS phone. All that is needed is to have the phone(s) on hand.

How to Switch Your Metro PCS Service to Another Metro PCS Phone

1. Find the ESN/MEID number underneath the battery on the brand-new MetroPCS phone. This will be an 11- or 18-digit number with no letters. Write down the number and confirm it for accuracy. Do not use the number on package as occasionally the number on package could differ from the number on the phone.

2. Perform any backup activities that need to be finished from the old phone. This includes running a manual backup using City Backup or syncing the phone with your computer system to back up info.

How to Switch a Metro PCS Service to Another Metro PCS Phone

3. Turn off the old phone. If this phone stays turned on the new phone will not work after the change is made. This phone will have to stay off for a minimum of 24 Hr after the modification unless it is to be linked to another account.

4. Put the battery back in the phone and call MetroPCS customer service by dialing 1-888-8 Metro 8 (1-888-863-8768) from a landline or by dialing * 611 from another MetroPCS handset. When the automatic system comes on the line and asks how she can assist inform her “upgrade my phone.” Do not call from the old or the brand-new phone. Power on the new phone.

5. Follow the directions offered by the customer service representative to program the brand-new phone. Client service must also provide the chance for a test call to be made from the new phone prior to finishing the call. Do not end the call till a test call has been successfully finished.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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