How to Ping a Phone

How to Ping a Phone

Pinging a cellular phone generally indicates finding the phone by identifying the cell tower of the last signal the phone received. Nowadays that’s not the only way to ping a lost phone.

How to Ping Cell Phone Location

Phone pinging

  1. The simplest and most “modern-day” way to locate a lost phone is through the software application that includes most smartphones– either Discover My Phone on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Location History.
  2. There are many apps which track the location of smartphones. You can use Discover My Good friends for iOS, for example, or WhereAreYou on any smartphone.
  3. The conventional method is to request your mobile phone service provider to ping to cell tower and triangulate the phone’s area. This is readily available to government and law enforcement, however typically not something normal people can do.

Q: Pings are for IP addresses, not particular devices (as mobile phone)

A: You can only ping someone’s mobile phone if you understand the particular IP address of the phone.

Static IP addresses are very seldom provided to cellphone users by their service provider.

Even if the user is on WiFi, it is nearly difficult to ping the precise phone. Why? Because the user would be on a Dynamic IP (in most cases)… Even if they have actually been appointed a Static IP, it would be for the home network and not for the specific device.

So, even if you ping their IP, you’ll be pinging the home network and not the device.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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