How to Open, Edit, and Convert .R00 Files

A file with the R00 file extension is a WinRAR Split Compressed Archive file. This file type is generally accompanied with files that have the extension.R01,. R02,. R03, and so on.

These split archive files are often produced for benefit so that you can download a big archive file online without having to get the entire file at the same time – you can simply download each part separately.

Split files like this are likewise helpful for keeping a big archive on something like a disc. If the storage device can only hold, state, 700 MB, however your archive file is 5 times that size, you could split the archive into five different parts and then keep each part on a different disc.


  • The R00 format allows you to divide large files into convenient sizes
  • It is easy to connect parts of a single file with the popular WinRAR archiver
  • Free


  • Some users are wary of an unfamiliar extension.
  • Cannot be used without the other parts of the splited file

How to Open an R00 File

You can open R00 files utilizing just about any program that supports RAR files, consisting of the complimentary PeaZip tool, along with numerous other complimentary zip/unzip programs. However, it’s most likely that if you have an R00 file, you likewise have an R01, R02, R03 … and so on. You must go through a different procedure to open multiple.RXX files then you do when there’s simply one.

To open multiple archive volumes at once, you should first ensure that all of the various parts – the files that have the extension.R00,. R01, and so on, are in the exact same folder – missing out on even one will break the archive and most likely will not even let you combine them into one file.

Then, you just need to extract the.R00 file. The program needs to instantly detect the other part files and integrate them together, and after that draw out the contents.

Note: If your file isn’t opening like explained above, it’s possible that you’re puzzling an ROM file with an R00 file. ROM files read Only Memory Image submits that must open with a program like Basilisk II or Mini vMac.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the R00 file but it’s the wrong application or if you would rather have actually another set up program open R00 files, you might want to change the default program in Windows.

How to Convert an R00 File

R00 files are just part files, so it would be a laborious procedure to try to transform each.RXX file to another archive format. Each part is just that anyhow – a part of the bigger archive, so it would not be really helpful to have a partly transformed archive file.

However, once the various parts of the archive have been combined and the contents extracted, you can use a free file converter to transform the extracted files to a different format. For example, although you can’t convert a single.R00 to ISO, AVI, and so on, you can extract the ISO or other files out of the.RXX archive when you’ve joined the pieces, and after that use a free file converter to transform those drawn out files to a new format.

Tip: You can transform ISO files with a program from this list of converters for occasionally used formats. AVI files are video files that can be transformed to other video formats with a free video converter.

What to Do With R00 Files?

File archive compressed utilizing the WinRAR or RAR file compression energies; may be a single archive or among numerous parts of a split archive like .R01,. R02, and.R03 file extension entries.

Detailed Instruction to Unzip the Files

WinRAR, a popular data archiving energy, allows you to store files into data containers called RAR files. WinRAR’s main compression approaches involve the creation of a single batch or the splitting of multiple volumes for basic management functions. While decompressing all files simultaneously is standard procedure, you may also pick to extract a file while leaving all other content in their compressed state.

  1. Download and set up the current variation of WinRAR from its official homepage while using all default on-screen options if it’s not currently installed.
  2. Discover and double-click to release the multipart volume’s root file with WinRAR; root files typically brings a.rar,. r00 or.part1 extension.
  3. Right-click the file you wish to draw out and then pick the “Extract to the Specified Folder” context menu alternative.
  4. Type the target destination into the Destination Path field or click “OKAY” to extract it to the folder consisting of the multipart volume.
  5. Enable the extraction procedure to take place; decompression times differ by file size and general compression level.