How to Install Mac Emulator on Windows 10

If you need to use the program for Mac on a computer running on Win 10, then you should install the MacOS emulator.

Apple offers a variety of apps that can be quite alluring to Windows PC users, and you don’t need to purchase a brand new machine to try them. Utilizing a program called VirtualBox, you can run Apple’s OS X on your Intel-based PC. This will be a complete version of OS X, permitting you to run Apple-specific software application like Mac apps and programs.

Preliminary Installations and Downloads

  1. Download and set up VirtualBox and the VirtualBox Extension Pack (link readily available in Resources).
  2. Download the Hackboot 1 and Hackboot 2 ISO files (link available in Resources). These ISOs will be used to start the OS X installer and the os itself, respectively.
  3. Open VirtualBox and click “New.”
  4. Name the new virtual machine and set the Operating System box to Mac OS X and the Version box to “Mac OS X Server (64 bit).”
  5. Utilize the slider to assign RAM to your virtual machine; at least 4GB of RAM is a recommended.
  6. Click “Next” and select “Create New Disk.” The program will return to its main menu.
  7. Right-click the called OS X virtual machine and click “Settings.”
  8. Uncheck the box beside “Enable EFI” in the System tab. EFI is an alternative to BIOS but Windows machines are not able to utilize EFI to boot in VirtualBox as of August 2013.
  9. Browse to the Storage tab and click on the CD icon called Empty. Select “Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file” and pick the Hackboot 1 ISO. This sets your virtual machine to boot from Hackboot 1 the first time it starts up.

mac emulator on windows

Installing OS X on Your Computer

  1. Select your OS X virtual machine in the VirtualBox main menu.
  2. Click “Start” in the toolbar and after that click the CD icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Click “Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file” and pick the ISO disc picture of the Mountain Lion version of OS X.
  4. Click on the primary screen and press “F5” to revitalize the program. An icon in the middle of your screen will now be identified as “OS X Install DVD.”
  5. Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to raise the OS X Installation screen.
  6. Select your language and agree to the os’s terms. You will be taken to a setup page that provides you no hard drive installation option.
  7. Click “Utilities” and after that click “Disk Utility …” in the VirtualBox toolbar labeled OS X Installer.
  8. Click on the VirtualBox hard drive, browse to the Erase tab and click “Erase” to clean the virtual hard drive and permit OS X to be set up. None of your data will be lost by removing the drive.
  9. Close the Disk Utility window and click the hard drive icon now in the middle of your screen.
  10. Follow the on-screen steps to finish the OS X installation.
  11. Click the CD icon at the bottom of your screen when the setup surfaces and you see a black screen with white text. Select the Hackboot 2 ISO so your virtual machine will properly boot when you restart it.
  12. Restart the virtual machine.
  13. Select the Apple icon and press “Enter” on your keyboard.
  14. Follow the final on-screen instructions to setup Mac OS X. You can now use this virtual operating system to run any Mac programs on your Windows 10 PC.

Programs to Download to Use MacOS Emulator on Windows 10

We offer you a list of programs that you need to download and install on your laptop or desktop running Windows 10.

Download macOS Catalina Virtual Image

Download macOS Catalina for both VirtualBox and VMware.

If the Google Drive reaches its download limit while downloading the macOS Catalina Virtual Machine image file, right-click the file and select Copy to produce a copy in your own Google Drive. You can then download the macOS Catalina virtual image from there.

You can also utilize the alternative link on Mediafire if the issue with Google Drive persists.

After the virtual image finishes downloading, right-click, and extract the file using your preferred archive tool. For instance, right-click, then select 7-Zip > Extract to “macOS Catalina.”

  • VirtualBox Extension Pack for Windows

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