How to Get GIFs on iPhone

how to get gifs on iphone

To get gif-files from the received message on your iPhone, you need to make only a couple of actions.

Getting a Gif file from the message, from the Internet or from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other very simple procedure.

Getting GIF files on Iphone

You can save a GIF that you get in a message to the Photos app on your iPhone. Here’s how:

  • Open Messages.
  • Open the message that has the previously sent out GIF that you want to save.
  • Tap and hold the GIF, then tap Save. If you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or later on, you can utilize 3D Touch to save a GIF. Just press deeply on the GIF, swipe up and tap Save.

How to Get New GIFs from the Web to Your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch:

  1. Press into the gif; this will activate 3D Touch.
  2. When it pops out, swipe up.
  3. Tap Save Image.

If you have an iPhone without 3D Touch:

  1. Tap and hold the image.
  2. Tap Save Image.

The only big difference in between downloading GIFs with iOS 11 and saving gifs with iOS 10 is how the GIF appears in the Photos app. With iOS 11, the Photos app lastly supports GIF files, which indicates you can see the animated gif in the app, whereas previously you might just see it as a still photo.

How to Get GIF on Your iPhone from Special Websites (instruction with images)

How to Get GIFs on iPhone
Tap on Download button as shown on picture to get the selected Gif file.
How to Get GIFs on iPhone
Click on Save Image on your iPhone

Use a GIF Downloader App To Save GIFs

Additionally, you can get GIFs via downloading app that will permit you to find, save, and create a collection of your preferred GIFs. If you don’t want your GIF dependency taking up space in your Photos app, this is a fantastic alternative. It can also be a method to find GIFs that wouldn’t always be on big GIF websites such as Giphy but can be found in the large world of Tumblr or Reddit. This is for the dedicated GIF collector.

Our options for the very best GIF apps are GIFwrapped and GifPlayer Free. GifPlayer is great for finding rarer gifs from sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and more. However you’ll see that when you browse on some sites, it’s not clear how to save the GIF. GIFwrapped, on the other hand, does not allow you to go to different sites within the app, which restricts your GIF discovery in some ways however makes it much easier to save GIFs overall. Both apps allow you to save the GIFs you’ve found to your in-app library. We’ll use GIFwrapped for our example, but the process is essentially the exact same for both.

To Save a GIF from Using GIFwrapped (Free):

  1. Find the GIF you want to save to the app.
  2. Tap and hold the GIF.
  3. Select Save to Library.

If you currently know that you wish to share the GIF you’ve found, you can likewise tap Share Image to straight share it with friends.


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