How to Fix Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters on Laptop

Thousands of people are forced to experience real discomfort when some letters on the laptop keyboard begin to replace letters with numbers. We’ll help you fix it.

Why It’s Happen?

If you have numbers printed on your laptop keyboard (as a rule, this happens on them) instead of letters, it’s okay – below is a detailed description of how to fix this issue. The reason, most likely, is that you or someone else accidentally turned on the quick input of numbers from the text keyboard, which is just as easy to disable.

Issue occurs on keyboards without a dedicated number pad keys (which is to the right of the “big” keyboards), but with the ability to make part of the letters on the keyboard can be used for speed dial numbers, this feature on many modern laptops, and in this case, the keys U, I, O, J, K, L are signed with numbers besides characters.

Numbers are printed instead of letters β€” how to fix it

What to Do if the Laptop Prints Numbers Instead of Letters

So, if you are faced with this problem, take a close look at the keyboard of your laptop and pay attention to the similarities with the photo shown above. Do you have similar numbers on the keys J, K, L? And the Num Lock key (num lk, Nm Lock, NmLk), located in the top row (and usually combined with another key)? On some laptops, the same key may look like a lock with a number or letter, as shown in the video instructions below, in which you will also see some other options for the desired key.

If there is, it means that you accidentally turned on the Num Lock mode, and some of the keys in the right area of the keyboard began to print numbers (this may be convenient in some cases).

In order to enable or disable Num Lock on the laptop, usually need to press Fn + Num Lock, Fn + F11 NumLock or simply (without the combination with Fn) on some laptops (maybe not only depend on brand and model, but also from settings) enable or disable the Num Lock happens when you press in conjunction with Fn, some β€” without this combination, a simple press of the Num Lock, check both options.

Fixing keyboard problem: numbers instead letters

The text of the Num Lock label on the key itself can be abbreviated, but it is always easy to guess.

It may be that this is done differently on your laptop model, but when you know exactly what you need to do, it is usually easier to find exactly how it is done. After switching off, the keyboard will work as before and where the letters should be, they will be printed exactly. If you can’t find the key you need, try running the standard on-screen keyboard for Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 (located in the Start menu, Accessibility or Standard Programs, and if it’s not there, use the search in the taskbar or Start menu) and press the Num Lock key on it.


The problem with the appearance of numbers instead of letters when typing on the keyboard can be caused by a special reassignment of keys (using a program or editing the registry) or using some tricky layout (which one β€” I will not say, I have not met, but I admit that there may be such). If the above does not help, make sure that at least the keyboard layout you have installed is the standard English.

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