How to Change MetroPCS Phone Number for Free

When you use the alternatives given by MetroPCS, changing your phone number is a straightforward and speedy process. There are no additional charges or costs that are not disclosed that are connected to any of these choices.

Making use of these services won’t put a dent in your wallet at all. Simply going into a shop, utilizing the online self-service portal, or calling the business to make the change to your MetroPCS plan is all it takes to make the adjustment. You will not be charged any additional fees if you want to transfer your current wireless number to MetroPCS. If you choose one of these methods, changing your phone number will be simple and quick for you to do.

To the contrary, Metro PCS does not at the current time make it possible for its customers to change the phone number associated with their account in an electronic format. It is still possible to change one’s phone number through the tried-and-true techniques, such as making direct contact with customer support, utilizing an automated service, or visiting a physical location. Altering or altering your phone number, on the other hand, may be accomplished in a quick and simple manner with the use of an automated system or a retail establishment.

How to Change MetroPCS Phone Number for Free

In the event that a customer of Metro PCS grows weary of the phone number that they currently have, they are free to obtain a new one at any time. In point of fact, users to Metro PCS have the ability to transfer their number to another carrier via any one of a number of options that are now accessible. The process of altering or restoring a phone number is as simple as completing a few simple steps in the order given.

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Contact the Support

Simply give Metro PCS’s customer service department a call, and they will gladly change your number at no additional cost. To talk with a representative of the customer service department, press 0 once you have dialed the number. Once you have been connected to a representative, all you need to do is supply your account number along with any other information that may be relevant, and they will change your phone number at no additional cost to you.

Use MetroPCS Office Near You

Another method that may be completed quickly is changing your Metro PCS phone number at a retail store. Your Metro PCS account may be updated in person with just as little effort and time spent on it as it would have required to do it over the phone with customer service. If you provide the agent with your current phone number as well as your account number, they will be able to assign you a new number after they have asked you the appropriate questions and made the necessary modifications. That’s true, there won’t be any additional charges for using this service.

Change Number Automatically

If you are a Metro PCS customer, you have the option of using the company’s user-friendly automated service to transfer your phone number to a new device. Simply call the PCS number provided by Metro, and then follow the audio directions. You have the ability to change your phone number by selecting the corresponding option on the automated menu. Selecting this choice, and then following the instructions that appear on the screen, is all that is required to modify your phone number.

Transfer Your Current Number to MetroPCS

If you would want to transfer your current phone number to MetroPCS from another number provider, we will do it at no additional cost to you if you would like to do so. You have the option to switch to Metro PCS even if you are already a customer of another cellular service provider and have the desire to do so. Just give Metro PCS a call, and they will switch your service to another provider while allowing you to keep your present phone number at no additional charge.