Fixing Lawn Mower

Fixing a lawn mower is a rather generalized term. Depending on the type, brand, and type of breakdown or problem, the way you fix your mower will differ.

Let’s take a look at some common lawn mower problems and how to fix them.

Lawn mowers are one of the essential gardening accessories that owners of large lawns probably can’t do without. However, just like any other machine, a mower cannot avoid damage.

If this device does not work properly or does not turn on properly, do not rush to the service center – if you correctly identify the problem, you can easily solve the problem yourself.

Let’s look at common lawn mower breakdowns:

Fixing a lawn mower

Ho to Fix Problems with Lawn Mower

Before you take any more serious action, first check the three most important factors – fuel, oil and ignition. These are the reasons why there are sometimes many different problems with the mower.

Lawn mower oil

The oil level should be checked every time before you start working. It is very important that there is not only no shortage of oil, but also not too much – otherwise the excess oil will get on other parts and damage them. The same can happen if you put the mower in the wrong position.

It can only be lifted when the spark plug is facing down, and you can’t turn it toward the fuel tank. The oil in the mower should be changed after about 50 hours of operation, at least once a year. The amount of oil to put in the mower depends on the model.

Lawn mower fuel

Very often, this garden equipment stops working properly because the fuel poured into it is already outdated. It is valid for about a month, after which it is no longer suitable for use, except when using a stabilizer.

Also, don’t leave this appliance with unused fuel in the winter – once the new season starts, you may have problems with the fuel tank or carburetor.

Mower ignition control

This operation can only help if the engine is not running. If you do not know how to adjust the mower ignition, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the engine shroud by loosening all the screws securing it.
  2. Slightly loosen the screws on the magnet.
  3. Rotate the flywheel so that the magnet is on top.
  4. Insert a business card between the coil and the magnet. You can also use a piece of paper folded in half – this will help you determine the optimal distance between the two elements.
  5. While holding the magnet, tighten the unscrewed screws. Remove the inserted page or business card. Now you know how to adjust the mower ignition!

If you haven’t fixed any of the above problems, you should look for other solutions by trying to find other damage to your lawn mower.

The engine won’t start

  1. First, make sure you are doing everything right.
  2. Make sure the spark plug connector is inserted correctly and that the spark plugs do not need to be cleaned or replaced.
  3. Make sure the cylinder and air filter are not covered in oil.
  4. Pull the ignition knob and make sure the cable is fully extended to the switch – tighten further if necessary.

If after all these steps you are unable to start the engine, the problem may be with the carburetor or the automatic throttle system – in which case you won’t be able to make any serious repairs to the mower.

The mower engine is pulsating

Try cleaning or replacing the spark plugs. However, if this does not work, but the engine continues to pulsate and twitch, you will need to contact a specialist, because again, the problem could be in the carburetor or its mixture.

The unit is not running at full power

Before you go to the workshop, try to replace the air filters, spark plugs and make sure that the cruise control is in the right position. It should be raised as much as possible.

The engine often overheats

If you’ve already taken care of the oil, try cleaning the air vent or replacing the spark plugs.

There is a lot of smoke coming from the lawnmower

It’s possible that oil got into the mower due to improper positioning. If this is the case, the unit should be left on and wait for all the oil to burn out – the smoke can be particularly thick during this process.

Steps for fixing a lawnmower pull cord

1) Remove the recoil
First, eliminate the recoil from the engine. The majority of are held in location with 3 to 5 bolts. After eliminating the recoil, eliminate the broken cord

2) Measure and cut the old cord.
Next, measure the old pull cord. Add about 4 inches to the general length to represent the knots you need to tie on either end. Include extra length as required if the cord broke further from the handle

Most of the time, nevertheless, the cord will break at the manage. In this case, you can merely reuse the existing cord. However, consider updating to a premium nylon cord for included resilience.

Cut the rope to the proper length. Then, use a lighter to melt completions. This seals the fibers and makes it a lot easier to thread the cord.

3) Tie on the handle.
Remove the old lawnmower pull cord from the manage, feed through the brand-new cord and tie a simple knot. Ensure the knot is nice and tight. Pull it back through the handle to assist tighten up the knot.

4) Load the recoil spring
The next thing you’re going to do is fill the recoil spring. Turn the recoil in the instructions that causes the engagement lugs to extend. The engagement lugs connect the recoil to the engine and spin the flywheel.

Continue turning the recoil, making certain to use adequate pressure to prevent the spring from launching and bloodying your knuckles.

As soon as you feel full tension on the spring, locate the hole on the sheave through which the starter cord threads. Align it with the outdoors hole on the recoil body.

5) Thread the new pull cord
With the two holes lined up, thread the brand-new cord through about 12 inches. Ensure the cord isn’t tangled and then slowly launch pressure on the recoil, letting it wind the cord for you up until the deal with is sitting versus the recoil.

Next, tie a knot on the end of the cord. Pull the handle till the knot you simply tied locks into place in the recoil wheel. Gradually let the cord retract.

6) Reattach the recoil to the engine
Finally, attach the recoil to the engine and you’re done. You just fixed your lawnmower pull cord.

The cause can be as simple as this, which you can fix yourself, or, in a more service-oriented situation, have it repaired at a service center.

  1. Often the problem is the spark plug on your lawn mower. At the very least, it’s worth checking first and it’s not hard. The spark plug should be checked for dirt, breakage and, in general, whether that spark plug has been loosened (not tightened). After cleaning it, put it back in and tighten it. Try to start the lawnmower.
  2. A dirty fuel filter can prevent fuel from flowing into the engine. Therefore, you will not be able to start the mower without solving the problem with this part. The solution is to replace the old dirty fuel filter with a new one.
  3. there is a risk that the air filter is heavily clogged with dust and dirt. If you can clean it, do it. If not, it is better to change it.

If these tips don’t help, that it’s worth leaving the lawnmower fix to a professional.

Why does my lawn mower only run for a few seconds then dies? This is a fairly common complaint from lawn mower owners. Experts recommend to pay attention to the fuel quality and the carburetor first. A dirty carburetor won’t let fuel flow into the engine smoothly and if it fires, it will die within 10 to 20 or 30 seconds.

Similar problem with very bad fuel. Especially if the lawnmower has been idle for a long time. Condensation occurs, which is essentially process water, which goes into the engine instead of fuel and the lawnmower quickly shuts down before it has run a minute. It may not start again, or if it does start, it will stop after a few seconds. It is recommended to empty the fuel tank, clean it and refill it with new quality fuel. When it fills the fuel system, the lawnmower will start and run “like new”.

This problem is similar to the one I described above. That is, a clogged carburetor or dirty fuel. A symptom in both cases may be that as long as the mower throttle is on, it works. If the throttle is off, the mower stalls.

How do I fix it? Clean the carburetor and check for air leaks. Also, if it’s a fuel problem, change the fuel to a better quality.

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