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Sending an email to a Fax is currently not a problem. This can be done in various ways: using an online service to send emails to a Fax. Consider this option in more detail in our article.

Earlier we wrote what are the options for sending a Fax from a computer. In this article we will focus on the option with the use of online services, with which you can send documents and letters from email to Fax machine. To each service we have added a short description of the main functions (paid and free). Read and it will become easier for you to make a choice in favor of one of the services and you will be able to successfully send your to fax by email.

Rating of the Best Email-to-Fax Services 2019

The best services that help you send faxes directly from your email without having a Fax machine.

These services are among the best if you need to send a Fax from your computer.

FaxZero – Easy and Fast

FaxZero’s website has a simple, easy-to-use interface; just complete a form and go. The free faxing option is perfect for those random, one-off demands for documents to be faxed. But if documents longer than three pages require a fee.

FaxZero is one of lots of free online fax services that will allow you to send out files and a cover page to a fax number by filling out a basic type on their website. While FaxZero does offer free faxing services, there are restrictions. Free faxing is only offered for faxes sent to places within the United States or Canada, and you can just send out 5 free faxes daily, with each fax including a maximum of 3 pages, not including your cover page, according to

FaxZero also offers paid faxing services: worldwide faxing and a premium faxing service called Almost Free Fax. The fee per fax for international faxes differs greatly depending on which country you’re faxing to. For example, sending out a fax to Iceland is $1.99, while sending a fax to Burundi is $25.41 for the same maximum variety of pages allowed a fax, which is 15. The Almost Free Fax service is $1.99 per fax and offers advantages such as a 25-page maximum per fax sent and the removal of FaxZero’s branding from the cover page.

Link to FaxZero.


Utilizing GotFreeFax is about as simple as it gets. Just enter your info as the sender, enter your recipient’s details and fax number, and then either upload a PDF, DOC, or JPG file. You can likewise include text to your fax in the text box provided (with format). The main service is limited to U.S. and Canadian fax recipients, however if you click the “Send an International Fax” button at the top of the page, you’re provided the option to fax files to different other countries, states

No advertisements or watermarks are added to any free faxes you send. GotFreeFax is one of the couple of complimentary services that permit this option. The only restrictions are that your faxes can’t be more than 3 pages, and you can only send out 2 complimentary faxes per day. For casual users, this complimentary fax service is a good option.

Link to GotFreeFax.


Like FaxZero, eFax is another online faxing service. Unlike FaxZero, eFax only offers its faxing services through a paid, regular monthly membership. Nevertheless, what makes eFax especially noteworthy is that when you do sign up for a membership, it allows you to email to a fax number by just composing a routine email.

Once you established your eFax account, you’ll log into your email account and compose a new message as normal. You’ll still connect any documents or files as you usually would and your cover page will be whatever you enter the body of the email. Of the three services noted here, eFax permits the widest range of file formats to be sent. When you’re ready to send your fax, you’ll just key in your recipient’s fax number with the domain “@efaxsend. com” contributed to it, then you’ll hit Send. That’s it.

Nevertheless, the rate of subscription with eFax is a bit substantial, specifically if you don’t intend on faxing that typically. writes, that eFax provides two membership levels: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. The Plus subscription needs a $10.00 setup fee and a regular monthly fee of $16.95. This membership allows you to send 150 pages for free monthly, with extra pages costing $0.10 each. The Pro membership is $19.95 each month with a $19.95 setup fee. The Pro membership allows 200 pages to be sent for totally free each month.

Link to eFax.


MyFax is an intriguing service with a somewhat various setup than the other email-to-fax complimentary services pointed out here. The totally free service functions as an advertisement to encourage users to register for its premium service with no fax-send limitations and a dedicated fax number. The free service is quite good for users who need to send out a couple of faxes in an emergency situation.

You can just send two faxes in a 24-hour period with MyFax’s complimentary service. It isn’t clear the number of pages you can send out per fax, or whether there will be an advertisement cover page, so it’s probably safe to presume that there will be until you give it a trial run.

You can only send out to U.S. or Canadian fax numbers utilizing this totally free service.

If you’re simply searching for a fast method to send an e-mail to fax, simply complete the form, type your message and attach a document. Then click “Send Fax” — it does not get much easier than that.

Link to MyFax.


There’s not just one “number one rated fax service” here – there’s two! The 2nd so-called leading service is from FAX.PLUS, a rather professional looking attire which claims to have business users ranging from Uber to Harvard University.

It’s clear that this service is targeting commercial users first, however it’s the free service we’re interested in. You get 10 free pages to send, with additional pages costing you $0.20 per page. The free service is entirely for sending out faxes by means of their website or utilizing their e-mail to fax service, and you aren’t able to receive faxes without upgrading.

Special discusses do go to their advanced, premium plans. The number of online fax services consist of slack combination, electronic signatures, and endless cloud storage? You can get some, or all, of these features from $4.99 to $49.99 a month.

You can send a larger range of documents using FAX.PLUS, including DOCX, XLSX, PDF, and different image file formats. You’re able to send to international fax numbers however FAX.PLUS might use more of your page allowance, depending upon the destination. To send out a fax, simply enter the fax number, attach your document, add a message, and after that click send out.

Link to FAX.PLUS.


Present online fax services, allow you to send and receive faxes directly from e-mail. Quickly indication, edit, and arrange your faxes digitally with the guarantee your files will get to the right places. One of the main advantages of such services you avoid all the paper and maintenance expenses that come with standard fax machines.

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2020

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