Electric Scooter: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric scooter has a lot of advantages and, of course, some disadvantages. Let’s look at both, so you can make a clear conclusion for yourself – will it be a great purchase for you or is it better to refrain from spending money.

When it comes to urban transport, each of us can imagine completely different devices. Someone will think of a new and fast car, someone of a capacious public transport bus, and someone of newfangled gadgets. Those who think of modern electric transport are right in their impressions, because it is these devices that we can see on city streets more and more often.

I am sure you have also seen them. Surely you have had some kind of experience with them. Perhaps initially a person on an electric scooter might seem funny, or you might also think about buying such a device, or maybe you were surprised by the appearance of such a reincarnation of the good old scooter, familiar from childhood. In any case, you have experienced some emotions, which means the electric scooter has interested you.

Electric Scooter

Types of scooters

When asked what types of scooters there are, it does not take long to answer – ordinary and electric. Of course, this is absolutely correct answer, but today we decided to understand the main advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters, so the question of this chapter of our article concerns exactly what are the electric scooters. Undoubtedly, it is important enough, because we must have a good understanding of the device in order to be clearly aware of the real pros and cons of its use.

The main difference between electric scooters by type is in the design of their motor. In view of such distinctive features, we will be able to understand the main advantages and disadvantages of the device with this or that motor.

So, there are chain electric scooters. It is not difficult to understand that the driving force on the wheel is transmitted by the chain, which is in the design of the motor. This type of electric scooter is characterized by high power, but at the same time they are quite noisy when driving.

Elements of the electric chain scooter motor wear out during operation faster, which means that the service life of such a motor is somewhat less than that of other variants of similar devices.

Electric Scooter: Advantages and Disadvantages

More popular and widespread nowadays are electric scooters with a motor-wheel. Such a motor can be either at the front or at the back. Based on this arrangement there are two subtypes of electric scooters with a motor-wheel.

If the motor-wheel is located at the front, this means that we are dealing with an electric scooter with front-wheel drive. Such scooters start faster, they are more maneuverable, comparable to other models. But in bad road conditions, they lose their speed sharply.

In the case where the motor-wheel is located at the back, we can be sure that we are dealing with an electric scooter with rear-wheel drive. Such devices are easier to climb uphill, but do not have good maneuverability.

It is also worth noting that there are models that combine the advantages of both front-wheel drive electric scooters and rear-wheel drive. These are devices in which the motor-wheel is located in the front and rear, they are called all-wheel-drive electric scooters.

The main parameters of electric scooters to consider

Like any other device, an electric scooter has its own set of basic parameters and characteristics, which can favorably (or not so favorably) distinguish one model from another.

By studying the basic parameters of specific electric scooter models, we will be able to understand why one scooter costs more than another and how it is more valuable.

Accordingly, in order to understand literally and practically what we are talking about when studying the main advantages and disadvantages of an electric scooter, we should first find out what parameters are the most important when considering such a device.

The main parameters that determine the characteristics of an electric scooter are as follows:

  • Range on a single charge – this parameter is quite important for those who plan to cover long routes with their scooter. The range is determined by how much distance the electric scooter will be able to cover from one full charge of its battery. As a rule, the range of a modern electric scooter ranges from 13 miles to 28 miles. If you need to travel a longer distance, electric scooters with a removable battery and, in fact, a second spare battery are very useful.
  • Maximum speed – will your electric scooter be able to cover not only long distances, but also to do it as fast as possible? This is indicated by the second important indicator, which will tell us how fast you can travel on a particular model of electric scooter. By the way, in most cases we will have the ability to limit the maximum speed with a mobile app, which is very relevant if the scooter will be used by a child.
  • Maximum Load – Electric scooter may seem quite fragile design, and having an impressive complexion can be even beware to stand on it. But do not panic before time, because the characteristics of a particular model can easily find out for which load is calculated elektrosamokat. This figure usually starts from models up to 110 lbs, and ends with the device, capable of “taking out” a person up to 220 lbs and even find the “heavyweight”, capable of handling loads up to 330 lbs.
  • Wheel size – this indicator of the electric scooter indicates to us how big will be the diameter of the wheels in the device and it is measured in inches. We are used to the fact that the wheels of a scooter are not characterized by a large diameter, especially if you compare it to an electric scooter or bicycle. The bigger the wheels on a scooter, the easier it will be to ride it on a bad and uneven road.


Any device, gadget and technique has its pros and cons. The real value of the device is felt when its advantages significantly outweigh its disadvantages.

Electric scooter folds easily

But does the electric scooter have such a preponderance? To find this out, it is necessary to understand these advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

Let’s start, perhaps, with the good, namely with the advantages.

The main advantages that form the positive image of electric scooters:

  1. The electric scooter is an economical form of transportation – in order for an electric scooter to perform its primary function, it needs to be recharged. An ordinary household outlet is sufficient for this purpose. Electric scooter does not need to be filled with expensive gasoline to be able to go anywhere on it.
  2. To manage such transport, the driver’s license is not needed – at the moment, to proceed to the management of electric scooters and travel within the city, there is no need to issue a driving license of any form or category. It is enough just to practice, get acquainted with the basics of driving your chosen model and go ahead!
  3. The owner of an electric scooter can move freely in areas inaccessible to others – it is much easier to move around the streets on a compact and oversized vehicle, which is an electric scooter, you can even ride on the sidewalks, to move into the park and other places where traffic other vehicles is prohibited or, in principle, impossible. At the same time, given the essence of the electric scooter, if you ride through the park alley, there will not be dissatisfied with this fact, but if you do the same maneuver on a motorcycle, moped or car.
  4. Electric scooter is compact and not heavy – this allows you to store the scooter more conveniently when it is not in use. So, for example, to store a car without leaving it out in the open, you need to take care of the purchase and organization of the garage. But it is possible to store an electric scooter even at home in the conditions of an apartment in the metropolis. Often, many scooter models can be easily folded to a minimum size and placed in a convenient place.
  5. Ecological type of transport – when riding on an electric scooter, the device does not produce any exhaust, which means that the electric scooter does not pollute the atmosphere. This is due to the fact that the device runs entirely on electricity, its design does not include gasoline engines.


It’s time to talk about the disadvantages of the device and compare them with the advantages. In this way we can give ourselves a definite answer whether we need an electric scooter or not.

But it should be warned at once that all the disadvantages, including those that we will describe below, exactly as the advantages, are absolutely relative, because for you they may have a different importance.

Accordingly, you should identify the most relevant aspects specifically in your case and compare these factors, not focusing on the unimportant.

The main disadvantages of an electric scooter:

  1. The electric scooter is not equipped with a powerful motor – this does not mean that the scooter can go slow or short. This affects its driving power when it is heavily loaded. For example, if you weigh 80 kg or even more, the electric scooter, even if it is designed for such a load, according to the technical characteristics, will not move so briskly, and climbing uphill and everything will turn out to be a pure test.
  2. The owner of an electric scooter depends on the weather – it is most comfortable to ride an electric scooter in sunny and dry weather. I am sure, even just imagining in your mind, you will agree with me that riding an electric scooter in the rain or in freezing winter, when there is ice and snow around, is not much fun.
  3. Electric scooter is not so comfortable for moving long distances – even if the model of your scooter can overcome 40-45 km on one charge, do not rejoice much, because the long journey on a scooter can become that still the adventure. It is worth remembering that the scooter is not equipped with a place to sit, and the trip lasting an hour, and even two, can be very tiring.
  4. The cost of an electric scooter. The average model with tolerable characteristics ranges in the price range of $ 500-1000 dollars. And even though it’s inexpensive, relative to a new car, it still puts a strain on the family budget.
  5. The cost of repair – the most unpleasant scenario of using an electric scooter is its unexpected breakdown, because in this case, when you go to the workshop, you need to pay for expensive components and materials, which will need to order from the manufacturer.


Electric scooter is a very trendy and modern device, which is rapidly gaining popularity. This kind of gadget quite easily copes with the role of a successful option for urban transport. Care for electric scooter needs a minimum, it is easy in storage, and, to make it work, just leave it to recharge for one night. There is no need for expensive refueling, inspections and, most importantly, you do not need a driver’s license to operate such a gadget.

Surely many readers will agree that the benefits of this type of electric vehicle greatly outweigh its disadvantages. This means that if your goal is to quickly move through the urban environment without applying great effort, you should turn your attention to the electric scooter, because you can move on it not only on the road, but also on the sidewalk, squares and parks.

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