How to edit video on a smartphone

The Internet is experiencing a boom in amateur videos. And everyone who posts videos to social networks from time to time has a chance to suddenly gather hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. Today we’ll talk about the editors which make video processing simple and entertaining.


You’ve got all the tools to help you make a creative video, and it’s easy to use. Crop segments and combine multiple videos into one, with transition effects to give a professional look. Add audio file to your video (you can also add your own track.) Apply filters, use special effects, add stickers and text, make a beautiful cover or a final screensaver, for example, with the name of the director.

Video editors reviewed

The VivaVideo video editor also comes in handy for creating video collages from photos. For those who want quick and interesting results without much effort there are ready-made templates with filters, effects and music. Just paste your own photos into them and you’re ready in seconds with a trendy video.

The application is optimized to work with social networks, change the aspect ratio of your video for Instagram and YouTube, split video for hundredths, use ready-made templates for TikTok.

Of the disadvantages, we can note the “crooked” translation into Russian, made, it seems, with the help of auto-translator, and the long loading and unloading of videos. But these disadvantages are very minor and do not interfere with the work.

The functions of the free version of the application are more than enough to create interesting videos, but you will have to watch ads periodically. The paid version does not contain ads and adds more features, such as uploading video in high resolution, more filters and effects, the ability to remove the logo.

For Android: link.

For iOS: link.


First of all the application is known as a powerful photo editing tool, but it also has functions for video editing or creating a video clip from scratch.

As with the previous application, PicsArt has the ability to trim videos, edit several clips into one, adapt videos to the desired format, and create video collages from photos. You can also add audio files from an extensive collection, stickers, glitch effects and trend filters to your videos. For everyday tasks there is enough possibilities, though not so much as in VivaVideo.

One of the interesting features is that when you run the application for the first time, it asks you to answer a couple of questions about your goals and skill level of photo and video editing. PicsArt selects tools on the basis of the answers.

In general, the application looks like a niche social network: there are regular Challenges that anyone can participate in, there is a subscription to the hashtags. It’s a good way to get new ideas all the time and improve your creative photo and video making skills.

For Android: link.
For iOS: link.


One of the most popular video editing apps that is also suitable for professional use, perhaps even for him first. The functionality is more suitable for editing video tutorials than videos for social networks. The application has all the necessary video editing features: trimming, editing, slowing-up/accelerating, adding audio, text, stickers, etc. What makes it different from other applications is the ability to overlay one video on another and the sound processing functions: fade in, reverb, voice changer, ready sound presets, etc.

The possibilities of the application are really huge, but before you start using them you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the interface, because it’s not very intuitive.

All features of the application are free of charge, the purchase of the paid version removes advertising and watermark.

For Android: link.
For iOS: link.


Powerful and stylish editor that is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Use it to easily trim, split and rotate videos, combine video and photos, add effects, transitions, titles, stabilize videos so your trembling hands don’t ruin a good shot.

Limitless possibilities for creativity open up chromecast and masks. You can add music or voice-over to your masterpiece – there are tools for working with sound, too. PowerDirector has over 400 free templates and effects, so it’s the right app for your most ambitious ideas.

For Android: link.
For iOS: link.


This app will appeal to those who actively maintain a TikTok account. The Funimate library contains over 100 video effects, thousands of backgrounds, stickers, overlays and dozens of fonts. Of course, there are also the functions of a classic video editor.

Like PicsArt, Funimate is also a community of like-minded people, where you can express yourself and gain fans by participating in weekly Challenges.

For Android: link.
For iOS: link.

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