Blocking Ads on Firefox

Blocking ads in the Firefox browser is easy. For this, there are several tools that solve the problem with unwanted ads.

Undesirable advertisements like pop-ups or pop-unders are windows or advertisements that appear on a Web page without permission. Many times visiting a site will cause them to launch immediately. Mozilla Firefox can block most pop-ups if you adjust your Firefox options. You may likewise wish to try searching for and installing a Mozilla Firefox add-on to block pop-ups. Make sure to download add-ons just from Mozilla Firefox’s collection.

Blocking Pop-up Ads in Firefox

  1. Click the “Firefox” menu option at the top of the Firefox window and choose “Options.”
  2. Click the “Content” tab near the top of the Options window.
  3. Allow the “Block Pop-Up Windows” option so a check mark appears.
  4. Click the “Exceptions …” button to include any sites you want to show pop-ups. Go into the site’s URL in the “Address of Web Site” field and click “Allow.” Click “Close” and “OK” to conserve your changes.

Blocking Ads on Firefox

Blocking Ads with Firefox Add-ons

  1. Open Firefox and click the “Firefox” menu option at the top of the Firefox window. Click “Add-ons” to go into the “Add-ons Manager” tab.
  2. Click the “Get Add-ons” panel. Type “pop-up blocker” or equivalent term in the Search field and press “Enter.”
  3. Discover an add-on with a description similar to what you require. Check for one with good reviews.
  4. Click the “Add to Firefox” button and follow the on-screen installation directions. Click the “Restart Now” button and await Firefox to relaunch.

Best Ad Blockers for Firefox

The most important extension that you need to install for yourself, as well as for all your friends and relatives, is an ad blocker. This is an absolute must have for everyone. Here are the most popular ones:

It’s hard to recommend a specific ad blocker, they all do a good job. Someone prefers the fastest Ghostery, someone is used to the old AdBlock Plus.

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