BioLite FirePit Review

There’s absolutely nothing like sitting around a campfire to make you value the great outdoors, and with the Biolite FirePit ($ 199.95), you can capture that feeling almost anywhere. Suitable for outdoor camping, tailgating, or just relaxing in your backyard, this smart home device uses unique airflow technology, Bluetooth connection, and a mobile app to help you construct and preserve the best wood or charcoal fire. It’s little enough to throw in the trunk of your car, and comes with a grill that lets it function as a charcoal-fired hibachi. The FirePit works well and the app is simple and simple to use, however when turned all the method up, the fan sound can be frustrating.

BioLite FirePit


Bluetooth made it possible for. Burns wood and charcoal. Doubles as a hibachi grill. Adjustable flame and heat. Built-in USB charger.


Loud fan. Ash cleanout door could be bigger.


The Biolite FirePit is a portable firepit that uses Bluetooth connectivity, air jets, and a mobile app to control flame height and radiant heat.

Style and Features

The Biolite FirePit is made from a lightweight metal and weighs just 19.8 pounds. It determines 15.8 by 27.0 by 13.0 inches (HWD) with its four legs unfolded (10.5 inches high with the legs folded), and has a matte black finish with metal mesh screening on 3 sides. The burn chamber has a detachable fuel rack that can deal with approximately 4 logs no larger than 16 inches in length. When utilizing charcoal, the fuel rack can be raised utilizing built-in hooks to bring the coals closer to the slide-on grill top. At the bottom of the burn chamber is a small panel that slides open for getting rid of spent ash.

Inside the chamber are three tubes with an overall of 51 air jet holes that feed oxygen to the fire. The oxygen is supplied by a variable-speed fan that’s powered by a removable 10,400 mAh power pack that attaches to one end of the FirePit. It has a rechargeable battery that offers roughly 24 hours of battery power when the fan is set to Low, 10 hours when set to Medium, and around 5 hours when set to Max. Changing the fan speed to Low offers a high flame with reduced radiant heat, while the highest setting offers more convected heat with a smaller sized flame.

BioLite FirePit

The power pack is charged by linking it to any USB source utilizing the consisted of charging cable and has a full-size USB port that you can use to charge your phone and other peripherals. You can also charge the power pack utilizing an optional solar-powered bring case ($ 59.95). There’s a button that is used to turn the power on and off, alter fans speeds, initialize the Bluetooth radio for newbie pairing, and activate the USB charging port. It likewise includes battery level and fan speed signs and circuitry that will drop the fan to Low mode and avoid USB charging when the battery level is low, and it has a sensing unit that will put the fan in Low mode to enable it to cool down if it gets too hot. You can likewise use the mobile app (available for Android and iOS) to change fan speeds and to match the FirePit to your phone.

There’s very little to the app besides Off, Low, Med, High, and Max fan settings, fixing suggestions, and a link to an online user handbook, however that’s truly all you need to manage the fire using your phone.

Setup and Performance

There’s not much to do to make the FirePit ready for its first use. Simply attach the manages utilizing the consisted of screws, snap the power pack into location, unfold the legs, and place the fuel rack into the chamber. You can download the app before you start a fire, however it’s not necessary. I downloaded the app, switched on the power pack, and chosen FirePit from the list (the app also controls other Biolite devices consisting of the BaseLantern XL). The app instantly discovered the FirePit and it was matched within seconds.

I chose to use wood for my first fire, with newspaper and branches as a starter. I lit the paper and when the branches started igniting I included some bigger kindling and turned the fan on low. The fire right away took hold and I started including bigger pieces of wood. Once the bigger pieces ignited I turned the fan to High to develop more radiant heat, and it worked perfectly.

I was also impressed with the FirePit’s expertise as a hibachi grill. I raised the fuel rack, lined it with charcoal, and used a fire-starter stick to light the coals. Once they captured I turned the fan on to the Low setting to speed up the burn and waited around 10 minutes for the coals to turn red. I slid the grill into place, filled it up with assorted veggies and a marinated flank steak, and prepared a perfectly cooked hibachi blended grill. Having the ability to adjust the heat by showing up the fan made it simple to put the best char on the vegetables. Clearing out the chamber is relatively simple, but a bigger ash door panel would make things even easier, as would a cleaning brush to remove great ash particles.

BioLite FirePit

My only genuine gripe has to do with fan noise: When you turn the fan up to the Max setting it sounds like plane speeding up down a runway, only not nearly as loud. Still, it’s loud enough to be sidetracking if you’re delighting in a peaceful night by the fire. I recommend keeping the fan on Low unless you actually need the heat. I used the app to switch the fan to Low and was instantly rewarded with a nice high flame.


With the Biolite FirePit, you can build the ideal campfire just about anywhere (as long as you’re outdoors) and manage it using your phone. It’s little and light enough to take on the road, and has a power pack equipped with a rechargeable battery, a Bluetooth radio, and a four-speed fan that lets you create more heat when it’s cold outside or offer a high flame for ambiance. It’ll even charge your phone. The mesh enclosure lets everyone enjoy the fire from any angle, and the slide-on grill top is ideal for wood or charcoal-fired cooking. The fan can be a bit noisy at its greatest setting, and a bigger ash door panel would be nice, however if you enjoy the look and feel of a genuine wood fire, the Biolite FirePit provides and is an outstanding choice for any outdoor lover.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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