Best Washing Machines: Buying Guide

It pays to do some research if you want to discover the best washering for your home. We test makers from the leading brands to save you the time and effort, and every machine in our round-up has actually been checked thoroughly.

Our choice of leading washing machines includes makers from major brands like Miele and Samsung. The list is arranged from most inexpensive to most expensive and the cheapest machine costs less than ₤ 300, so you do not need to invest big dollars to discover a great washering.

How to Buy the Best Washing Machine


We take a look at the cleaning efficiency and power use of every washing machine we test, but what’s the difference between the best washing machines and plain bad ones?

Here’s an example ‘test stain’ that we use in every washering we test. It features blood, catsup, coffee, fruit juice and oil– we put similar test strips in every machine we test and use a top quality non-bio cleaning detergent.

Almost all the stains are completely removed with just a hint of oil, which is normal offered we use a non-bio detergent.

Here’s the result from a less skilled machine that didn’t get such a glowing review. The oil is practically untouched, while the catsup (far left), coffee (middle) and fruit juice (2nd from right) are still plainly visible.

That’s an extremely poor result, but it is essential to know that there are low-cost machines that clean well and do so effectively. More pricey makers do generally wash much better and have more features, however you don’t have to spend loads of money to get an excellent machine– some in our best washing machine round-up cost less than ₤ 300.


That’s an example of how makers can differ, but what else do we try to find in washering? Every washering we review is thoroughly evaluated and is assessed and ranked based on 9 specific requirements:

Style and Ease of Use–This is where we search for style and simplicity. If your washing machine takes up a popular space in your cooking area then it had best look great. We also try to find easy, simple to comprehend controls.

Cleaning Quality–As revealed above, we put all of our washering to the test versus a test strain strip of coffee, blood, ketchup, fruit juice and engine oil, constantly using the same, top quality non-bio washing cleaning agent.

Spin Efficiency–We weigh clothes before and after each wash to identify how much water has actually stayed. Too much water still residing in your clothes implies they’ll take an age to dry, which is simply plain irritating.

Sound–We measure the noise in decibels for each machine during it spin and wash cycles and compare it to the maker claims. We also keep an ear out for knocking noises that will show disruptive.

Running Costs and Value–We compute the approximate annual running cost based on normal UK usage for every single machine using full, half loads and eco modes. We also take a look at whether the machine readies value based upon the features and performance on offer compared with other makers at the same price.


JOHN LEWIS JLWM1205Key features:

  • 7kg washering with A+++ energy score
  • 1,200 rpm spin and slim depth style
  • Approximate. ₤ 41 a year running cost

The John Lewis JLWM1205 is a slim depth machine– it’s simply 55cm deep, so you’ll have no problems fitting it into a tight area. It’s inexpensive, too, however that doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency and you get a three-year assurance to boot.

A requirement, full load will cost you around 18 pence and we reckon it’ll cost ₤ 41 a year to run based on typical UK usage. It cleans along with a lot more pricey devices, and isn’t really as noisy as some cheap devices we’ve tested.

Overall, it’s a terrific option if you don’t have much to spend.

₤ 314.

2. LG F14U1TBS2

Key features:

  • 8kg drum for up to 40 shirts per wash
  • Steam Refresh and Steam Softener modes
  • 10-year warranty on drum motor

This LG costs around ₤ 800 to ₤ 900 at current prices, however it’s fantastic value since of the features, efficiency and all-round quality you get for your money. This 8kg machine has an excellent, modern appearance, too– it’s definitely one of the most trendy makers at this price.

What truly sells it to us is the addition of a steam action system– a function we typically see on more costly makers. This provides you two unique and truly valuable choices. Our preferred is Steam Refresh, which lets you give just gently used garments a fast blast of steam to kill germs and remove odours. It’s ideal for clothing that have picked up nasty smells in dining establishments, however are otherwise fine. It’s likewise beneficial for lowering creases at the end of wash cycles.

The other feature is Steam Softener, which uses steam as an option to fabric conditioner. We wouldn’t advise this for fragile products like wool, however it’s useful option and a money saver at that. In general, if you’re trying to find a mid-range machine then this is a fantastic choice.

₤ 729.


SAMSUNG WW80H7410EWKey features:

  • 8kg machine with 1,400 rpm spin
  • Approximate. ₤ 34 a year to run
  • Babycare and dark garment programs

This is an outstanding washing machine that performs in practically every department. Cleaning up is exceptional– as excellent as devices two times the price– and it’s simple to use despite having loads of useful programs.

The best element is its hugely efficient eco mode, which will cost as little as 2.7 cent when on a 40% half load. That implies it’s excellent for doing small loads, and this mode is more than good enough for all but the most greatly stained garments.

An exceptional selection of programs consists of a devoted Babycare one that runs at a higher temperature and with extra rinses. The only thing that split opinion was its looks, however there’s no doubting its performance.

₤ 579.

4. LG F1495BDA

Key features:

  • Substantial 12kg drum capability for up to 60 t-shirts
  • 30-minute and 60-minute programs
  • Smart diagnostic system

Clearly the headline function of this machine is its big 12kg capability drum, which is enough for approximately 60 t-shirts in a single load. If you need to deal with a large home then this substantial machine will help keep the number of loads you need to do to a minimum, and let you clean duvets without any problems.

Besides this it’s a really capable washing machine. It cleans effectively, has lots of expert programmes, such as two helpful fast washes, baby and skincare modes and a specific program for washing duvets.

Our only concern with this machine is the Eco mode just conserves you money on a full (as much as 80% load)– on a half load it can actually cost you more. Supplied you represent this, though, it’s an inexpensive to run machine thinking about how large it is.

₤ 714.


Miele WMR560WPSKey features:

  • 9kg capability drum for approximately 45 shirts per wash
  • Additional fast 1,600 rpm spin mode and 5-year service warranty
  • Dedicated TwinDos and CapDos detergent systems

At around ₤ 1,599, the Miele WMR 560 WPS is a really expensive machine, however it’s also exceptional. It’s the kind of washering that will serve you well for years; you totally get what you spend for with this machine.

In our tests it delivered the very best washing results we’ve seen from any washering and that was simply with our standard test detergent. Change to the machine’s dedicated TwinDos and CapDos systems, which uses cleansing products developed particularly for it, and it cleans up several times better than any other we’ve seen.

In spite of having a programme for each possible product, consisting of a silk wash, this is an extremely easy machine to use. We enjoy the reality the drum illuminate when you open it, that makes it so much easier to discover errant socks in the depths of the drum.

It’s also so peaceful that it’s frequently easy to forget it’s really running.

₤ 1,549.


SAMSUNG WW9000Key features:

  • 10kg load noticing capability drum for as much as 50 t-shirts per wash
  • 1,600 rpm spin mode and self-dosing cleaning agent system
  • Smart app control and built-in touchscreen

The Samsung WW9000 is really different to conventional washing machines, but in an excellent way. The front-mounted touchscreen is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy to find and introduce the right program. The load picking up drum helps, too, as does the big self-dosing detergent system that determines how much you need for each wash. This cuts down on waste and ought to save you money on detergent.

The headline function, however, is the app support and built-in Wi-Fi. This lets you monitor your washes from anywhere, even when you’re not at home. It’s a helpful feature to examine how long it is till your wash is your complete, though there are some bugs that require settling. There’s an excessive range of programs on the WW9000, too, though there’s a convenient one-touch vehicle wash for when you’re in a rush.

Only the Miele bests it here, and it’s extremely quiet. We also enjoy how cool the Samsung WW9000 looks. It’s a special machine.

₤ 1,098.


Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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