Best Tool To Remove Grout

Bosch Multi-X With Grout Removal Head:  Powerful But Hard To Wield

Grout can be a pain to clean. At this stage, lots of property owners contemplate taking it all out and renovating it. After all, grouting is not all that hard.

What’s the best way to eliminate grout? It is a tough call since you need to strike a balance in between speed and power.

Integrate a power tool with impatience and you end up cracking the tile, necessitating tile removal and replacement– a genuine pain.

Use a tool that is not effective enough and you invest weeks at this lowly job.

Here are the best tools for removing grout, both electric and handbook.

What Is It?

The Bosch Multi-X is a multi-purpose oscillating tool with a number of blades, one of which is a grout elimination blade. This is an effective tool, its head moving at up to 20,000 rpm.

bosch multi x with grout removal head

Best Feature(s)

You can use this for much more functions than simply ripping grout. And because it is so effective, you will be astonished that it can do things like cut nails, chainlink fence, even concrete.

Worst Feature(s)

It is big, heavy, and challenging to handle. Likewise, the lever that locks the blade in place is as unsafe as a guillotine.

Buy This If:

You have great deals of home renovating ahead of you. The high price of this tool will be rewarded with other tasks.

Hyde Regrout Tool: Zippy, Cheap Product That Is Easy To Control

What Is It?

From paint supply company Hyde, the Regrout Tool is a standalone device that was produced just one function: removing grout.

With a 6 foot cord and a thin tip that revolves as much as 7,100 rpm, this Hyde tool easily zips out grout with little risk of cracking the tile.

hyde regrout tool

Best Feature(s)

This tool is extremely light-weight and easy to manage.

Unlike those large oscillating tools or the Dremel, you manage the tool; the tool does not manage you.

Worst Feature(s)

When you get to heavy, solid grout areas, this Hyde tool will not be strong enough. This is why you should have a more powerful tool on hand for those separated tough spots.

Buy This If:

Cost is a problem, as this tool is really low-cost.

Grout Getter: The Precision and Safety of Manual

What Is It?

The Grout Getter is a souped-up screwdriver (the screwdriver itself is another type of low-cost grout removal tool).

Instead of a screwdriver’s flat head, the Grout Getter has a triangular head to better suit the joints between tile.

Even if you prepare to use an electric tool, you might wish to have this one on hand to complete your arsenal of grout elimination tools.

grout getter

Best Feature(s)

Outright best elimination tool for protecting your tile.

It is almost impossible to chip your tile with this handbook device.

Worst Feature(s)

The Grout Getter readies only for small areas. You do not wish to get rid of a whole floor of grout with the Grout Getter, as it is good for small areas and especially for spots where the grout is currently flaking out.


In the $19 to $20 range.

RotoZip RotoSaw

What Is It?

Yes, the RotoZip Rotosaw is legendary. It is a plunge cut saw that seems to do everything– cut, drill, and path everything from wood to laminate to solid surface area to metal. It can most likely even do the meals, too.

The “famous” part originates from the fact that RotoZip is thought about the initial spiral saw. It was established in the early 1970s by Bob Kopras as a plunge saw for drywall work.

rotozip rotosaw

Best Feature(s)

RotoZip is a solid, effective tool that unquestionably will last you for many years to come.

Worst Feature(s)

Two factors:

  • It is challenging to see your grout lines within the “cage” of the elimination head. For this one factor, I discover that I can not use the RotoZip for grout.
  • The RotoZip cord is so heavy, it tends to affect your hand motions– not a great thing with the fragile task of incising grout.

Ridgid JobMax With Grout Removal Blade: Might Be Fine … If It Worked

What Is It?

With the Ridgid 12v Lithium-Ion Drill/Jobmax Combo, you get more than a grout removal tool. You get a traditional pistol-grip drill, along with a power base that includes multiple moving towards doing virtually anything. The saw attachments are handy for cutting out grout, yet remaining well away from the tile itself.

ridgid jobmax with grout removal blade

Best Feature(s)

In theory, the JobMax would be excellent for getting rid of grout since it is less powerful, lighter-weight, and simpler to control than similar however corded Bosch Multi-X.

Other than for the Worst Feature …

Worst Feature(s)

The tool simply never truly worked right. I eventually needed to toss it away. Also, the blade changing procedure was challenging considering that I had to use an Allen wrench.


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