Best Steam Cleaners and Best Steam Mops

A steam cleaner or steam mop is a helpful tool to have around the home, especially if you have lots of hard floorings to keep clean. Here is our choice of the best steam cleaners on the market today.

Whether you want the best steam cleaner for tiled floorings, a steam mop for laminate floors or even a steam cleaner for de-mucking grout, among our selection of the best steam mops will finish the job.

Best Steam Cleaners and Best Steam Mops

Bissel Vac & Steam–A steam mop that lets you vacuum and steam simultaneously, and includes built-in scent discs and an anti-calc filter

Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C–A steam mop and portable with 10 tools and a different cleaning agent tank that’s good enough to clean a series of surface areas

Polti Vaporetto GO–A compact, cylinder-style steam cleaner that’s portable and cheap, yet effective sufficient to quickly raise dirt from floors

Kärcher SC1 Steam Stick–A lightweight, flexible and practical steam cleaner, which can be used either as a steam mop or a portable

Polti Vaporetto Airplus–A compact, cylinder-style steam cleaner that includes eight integrated tools and a deodorant tank, and will not leave your floors soaked

Vax S6S Home Pro Compact–A cylinder-style steam cleaner that’s powerful and ideal for cleaning up any surface area, in addition to hard-to-reach corners


This is the first choice you need to make, and it will mostly depend upon what you want to use your steam cleaner for.

Purchase a steam mop if you simply wish to clean floorings

They’re best for hard floors, however some work for freshening up carpets and raising discolorations from carpets, too. They’re generally less expensive than 2-in-1 steam mops, which can change into a portable mode for other jobs.

Buy a 2-in-1 steam mop if you want to tidy floorings and other surface areas

Pro Power XL Pet BaglessThese more versatile steam mops can be used as handhelds too, and they normally feature a selection of tools suited to different tasks. This indicates you can tackle the kitchen area tops, bathroom tiles, drapes and plenty more besides, and all with one cleaner.

Purchase a cylinder steam cleaner if you find upright steam mops too heavy

While some of the big cylinder steam cleaners are much heavier total, that they’re on wheels indicates they’re easier to carry about. Most do all the same things a 2-in-1 steam mop will do, while really compact designs exist that you can continue your shoulder.

The other key difference is that cylinder steam cleaners take longer to obtain all set– normally a few minutes– however the benefits are longer running times and less filling. Some can even be topped up as you tidy, so you do not have to switch off the cleaner to keep going.


BISSELL VAC & STEAMKey features:

  • Steam vac and bagless vacuum in one
  • Built-in scent discs and anti-calc filter
  • 380ml water tank and 7.6 m cable

The Bissell Vac & Steam has to do with as advanced as steam mops get. As the name suggests, this is in fact a steam mop and vacuum in one. It probably will not change a vacuum for most people, however it does imply you do not have to get the main vac out prior to cleaning up the floors.

Vitally, it offers plenty of control– you can steam, vacuum, or do both at the same time. Vacuumin
g and steaming simultaneously is a great time saver, especially if you have great deals of hard floors. The cleaning results were exceptional and fragrance discs leave the room smelling terrific, too.

The only serious disadvantage is the weight– at 4.6 kg it’s a fair bit much heavier than a lot of steam mops, although it’s about the like the majority of small upright vacuum cleaners.

₤ 149.


Key features:

  • Steam mop and portable with 10 onboard tools
  • 260ml water tank, 8m cable
  • Different detergent tank for additional cleaning power

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C is an excellent 2-in-1 that excels in basically every situation. Additionally, unlike some 2-in-1s, you can store the majority of the tools on the mop itself, makings life much easier.

It’s a light and maneuverable steam cleaner and it’s great and well balanced when you want to use it as a portable. The triangular mop head makes it easier to obtain into the corners of floors, and implies you will not have to get on your hands and knees to clean tricky crevices.

The exceptional choice of tools covers all possible problems– we had no problems cleaning windows or removing mildew from grouting. Both of the tanks– the one for water and the different one for cleaning up detergent– pop off, so you can refill them quickly.

₤ 64.99.

Sometimes of evaluation the Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C was readily available for ₤ 179.99.



  • Compact cylinder steam cleaner with shoulder strap
  • 750ml water tank, 5-metre cable, 2.7 kg
  • British Allergy Foundation authorized

We truly like the Polti Vaporetto GO. This cylinder steam cleaner is extremely compact– it weighs simply 2.7 kg, so you can bring it comfortably using the offered shoulder strap or carry manage. It has wheels for scooting about on the floor, too, and the eight tools are saved onboard for convenience.

The lance is made from three modular poles, so you can adjust the length for what’s comfortable for you. It takes around five minutes to heat up, once it has you get continuous steam for ages.

What seals the offer is how effective it is. It raises dirt from floorings effortlessly, but does not leave floorings too damp. The combination of compact style, efficiency and affordable price makes it a standout candidate.

₤ 69.


Key features:

  • 250ml water tank
  • Heats up rapidly
  • 4m cable
  • 1.5 kg without devices

The Kärcher SC1 Steam Stick is a light-weight, versatile steam cleaner that can be used as a steam mop or simply as a handheld cleaner. It features a hand tool, small plastic brush, power nozzle and detail nozzle, along with two 45cm-long tubes and a 110cm tube.

It warms up rapidly, making it ideal for smaller jobs, with a full tank coming near steam in 3 minutes. The steam itself is powerful however not variable, and it does an excellent task of cleansing floorings. Nevertheless, considering that the cleansing head is light-weight, it’s not matched to heavy carpets. Possibly most importantly, it’s more budget friendly and practical than many of its competitors.

₤ 69.


Polti Vaporetto Smart Airplus Steam CleanerKey features:

  • 1,600 ml water tank and antiperspirant tank
  • Variable steam
  • 8 onboard tools
  • 6m cable

The Polti Vaporetto Airplus is a compact cylinder-style steam cleaner that comes with a great deal of tools, consisting of a concentration nozzle, two angled nozzles, two brushes, a brass brush, a small cleansing head, a window squeegee and three extension tubes.

It takes a few minutes to heat up, but the steam that’s ejected varies and well-judged. It’s not the most powerful design we’ve evaluated, but it’s excellent enough to lift dirt without drenching the floor. What’s more, the Polti is compact and portable, following you around on wheels without making you break sweat.

₤ 129.99.


Key features:

  • 1,600 ml water tank and 300ml detergent tank
  • Variable steam
  • 7 onboard tools
  • 6m cable

The Vax S6S Home Pro Compact is another cylinder-style steam cleaner we’ve been impressed by. It comes with 3 extension tubes, a concentration nozzle, two plastic brushes, metal brush, window squeegee, upholstery tool, detail nozzle and scraper. There’s likewise a cleaning agent tank constructed into the deal with.

It takes a lengthy 12 minutes to warm up a complete tank of water, however in return it loads enough steam for a 40-minute cleaning session. The steam itself is powerful and variable, best for raising deep-rooted spots, as well as cleaning hard floorings and carpets. The triangular cleaning head is also excellent for getting into corners.

₤ 109.99.


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