Best Internet VoIP Phone Service Providers

The majority of people associate VoIP with totally free, personal services like Skype and FaceTime. These services are fantastic for connecting you to friends and family but represent only a little aspect of what VoIP services can.


VoIP, voice over internet method, is a versatile service that has rapidly acquired popularity in business world. VoIP sends calls online instead of the typical phone network. This allows you to access your phone network from essentially anywhere there is a mobile connection.

VoIP systems offer substantial expense savings as compared to traditional phone systems. Commonly, they have lower monthly costs and offer incredibly low rates for calls, specifically global calls. In addition, most VoIP systems have functions not found with regular phone systems, such as voicemail to email forwarding and apps that allow you to answer your calls even when you’re away from your desk. VoIP services are a fantastic alternative for home use and small companies; if you have one phone in an office or up to ten phones, you can pick the plan that best satisfies your organization’s needs.

Best Internet VoIP Phone Service Providers

Our Rating of VoIP Service Providers (2016)

  1. Phone Power
  3. Broadvoice
  4. 8×8
  5. VOIPo
  6. Vonage
  7. RingCentral
  8. ITP
  9. InPhonex


Remaining linked is the backbone of your company; having a trusted phone system belongs to a vital communication between you and your clients. To test these VoIP services, we obtained a standard trial from each service. These trials were acquired independently, and the business had no influence over our decisions, nor were they offered any extra info about the results prior to publication.

VoIP System Setup & Accessibility

Setup is a huge part of selecting a VoIP system. When you choose a service, you wish to rest assured that you will have the ability to easily access the service and set it up without trouble or unnecessary additional steps.

When we assessed the availability of services, we looked for a few essential features. One of these functions was how simple it was to access and sign up for the service. Were we able to input our details into an online type and meet our demand? Or, did we need to go through several steps prior to getting access to a service? As soon as the service was obtained, we examined the setup process. The number of steps did it take between getting the service and having the ability to put calls?

Another thing we tried to find was the capability to place contact the first try. For example, despite the fact that we particularly requested strategies that would allow us making worldwide calls, some VoIP suppliers needed us to go through additional activation actions for global calling when the plan was established.

One VoIP service that did exceptionally well in this test was Broadvoice. This service has an online kind that is easy to understand and send to the company. Our VoIP adapters were shipped practically instantly, as well as more handy was the no-charge softphone. With the softphone, we were able to quickly access the Broadvoice network and start positioning calls. The platform was easy to make use of and calls went through with no concerns.

Call Quality

In our tests, we searched for the general noise and quality of the calls. Could we plainly hear the party and could they clearly hear us? To test this, we positioned calls to local and global numbers. This assisted us identify how well a service might link, no matter what our calling requirements were. Throughout these calls, we surveyed functions of the calls and asked those we called to complete forms record how well they could hear us, how much feedback the calls had and just how much background noise made it through. We also noted if a call was dropped or had problem establishing a connection.

In our tests, VOIPo carried out well despite the fact that it falls in the middle of the lineup. The calls were clear on both ends with hardly any feedback.

Help & Support

The last vital function we analyzed in VoIP company is assistance and assistance choices. We evaluated common things, like whether they have a searchable FAQ and knowledgebase or if they provide comprehensive installation manuals. We likewise looked carefully at more vital functions, like the quality of assistance provided by service representatives.

We checked reaction and hold times for phone, e-mail and live chat. We also tried to find support that was handy and agents that were experienced about their service rather than those who simply referred us to pages on the company site.

Vonage, a popular name in VoIP company, offered practical customer support. It offers all the functions we were looking for, consisting of live chat. Wait times were affordable, and when we got in touch with agents over chat or the phone, they were helpful and well-informed. Another thing we appreciated was that support representatives did not aim to upsell us on items or press new, pricey features on us.


VoIP service plans and costs are one of the biggest aspects for choosing which VoIP service you select for your small company. For example, lots of VoIP suppliers provide low rates for long-term agreements– a couple of years. While month-to-month plans are more convenient, they often include higher charges. Each VoIP service on our featured lineup includes a month-to-month plan and long-term contracts.

Service Plans

VoIP service provider plans differ in what they offer in features, the number of worldwide minutes they offer and whether Puerto Rice is considered domestic. For example, some services include X11 services, like 411 calling, for no added expense, while other strategies charge additional for this add-on feature. When services include features for no additional expenses, we provided them full credit. If business charge additional for these functions, they only received partial credit in these sections.

Long-Distance Calling

Another vital element of your internet phone service plan is the long-distance and international rates it provides. Among VoIP’s most significant draws is that it offers less expensive long-distance and international calling. If these functions are essential to you, ensure to choose a plan that works for you. Some services, like, offer limitless world plans. Others, like RingCentral, focus on regional calls. This can be a plus if you do not call globally on a regular basis and are trying to find an inexpensive, premium service.

Unrestricted Minutes

Each VoIP system carrier on our lineup features unrestricted minutes. Similar to any endless function, unlimited might not mean genuinely unrestricted. Usually, the variety of minutes you are allocated are constrained by what each VoIP phone system determines as reasonable use. Extreme calling can lead to extra charges. Ensure to check out the small print of each service provider to find the “unlimited” plan that works best for you.

Online VoIP Account Management

VoIP providers all offer online account management through websites available via their websites. While each service has this feature, not every online dashboard has the very same capability. 8X8 has a user dashboard that is clearly marked and simple to use; it even supplies a softphone so you can make calls without any hardware setup. Other carriers have convoluted dashboards that are difficult to work with.


The best and most effective VoIP services we tested permit you to place calls quickly without the inconvenience of additional setup or dropped calls. They provide quality calls without feedback or extreme noise on either end.

Our top 3 services, Phone Power, and Broadvoice, provide remarkable call quality and friendly customer support. If you are trying to find a company that offers a high level of service with a concentrate on local calling, RingCentral is a great option. While the company does not offer worldwide strategies, it concentrates on business options that enable you to take your get in touch with the go.

Another noteworthy option is 8X8. This service offers a variety of custom-made prepare for clients. While you can not fill out an online kind or have immediate access to a service, you are paired with a support agent who strolls you through the steps of establishing a personalized plan for your small company. This is useful if you have a bit more time and do not need a plan immediately.

VoIP phone services provide a more fairly priced and feature-rich option than a traditional phone service. Depending upon your requirements, whether it is cutting expenses or getting more functions from your phone service, the choices on our lineup present workable options for small business telecommunication needs.