Best Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 You Can Buy


If you’re trying to find the best gaming headset 2017 for the PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, then look no more; you have actually concerned the right place. The top video gaming headsets will not just offer an immersive audio experience, however a top notch microphone that will allow you to chat with your pals while you frag your enemies into annihilation. Lastly, the perfect video gaming headphone will likewise feel comfy on your head, neck and ears no matter the length of time you’re gaming.

However, when it pertains to particular brand names and platforms, selecting the best gaming headset can be tough. That’s why we have actually done the research and effort for you, and selected what we believe are the cream of the crop of gaming headsets by platform.

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC– Best PC Sound


Price: $256.15|Surround Sound: 7.1 with add-on

Why we picked it: It’s the best frequency reaction, reported as the lightest and provides ample bass.

It’s not a surprise that this is an incredibly competitive field with a great deal of fantastic choices, however ultimately I’m offering this one to the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC headset. This is just the best PC gaming headset you can discover on the market. Beyerdynamic likes to talk about how this headset was created based on the requirements of genuine people in genuine cockpits, and the authentic look is great, but what you truly have to understand is that is has fantastic sound quality plus a much-valued an internal sound card to prevent the chance of disturbance or computer-related problems. Absolutely spend a long time tinkering with this headset if you wish to tailor your noise levels.

The earcups are quite comfortable and shun the “pleather” look that’s so popular, which I find rejuvenating. The microphone uses top technology like cardioid polar patterns and broad frequency action for perfect, never-annoying interaction. Nevertheless, to obtain the best computer headset you’ll have to pay for the best, which is why this headset tends to cost around $400.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset– Most Affordable


Price: $76.79|Surround Sound: 7.1 virtual

Why we chose it: Price and product durability make this earphone a winner– and frankly, it’s great to see a lighter, more comfy headset that still sounds so excellent.

3rd parties are usually the companies who wow us with their high-end headphones, however here we see Sony pushing to the top by revealing they know exactly how to make the best headset for PlayStation users. Regardless of that light-weight design, this headset provides complete 7.1 virtual surround noise and a terrific buddy app that allows to you to use customized modes produced by real developers to highlight the noises in specific games.

The personalization functions, however, are only part of the good news. Not only is this headset comfortable to use and more long lasting than lots of high-end headphones, but the price is one of the best around at well under $100, making it even more cost effective for the typical family than competitors.

Astro A50 Headset: Halo Xbox One Edition– Best Console Headset


Price: $289.98|Surround Sound: 7.1 virtual

Why we picked it: Replaceable earbups and Xbox chat compatibility bring this headset to the top.

The A50 headset is one of the best gaming peripherals we have actually seen, duration. However, the Halo Edition bridges a few of the difficulties we have actually come across in finding fantastic headsets for the Xbox One by customizing the experiencing specifically for Xbox users. While these are some weighty earphones, that virtual surround noise is unparalleled right from package.

The EQ modes here are handy however absolutely nothing special– and they don’t actually have to be, with such total high fidelity and sound spacing. The mic I discovered a lot more impressive, able to plainly get my voice without getting too much in the method, and no notable distortion. All in all, if you can manage the price and the weight, these huge earphones will deliver an incredibly immersive experience

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12– Most Affordable


Price: $34.99|Surround Noise: Stereo

Why we chose it: The bass boost and microphone monitoring, plus the relatively light-weight design, make these earphones perfect.

If you are looking for a brand-new headset for your precious Xbox 360, you need to try the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Video gaming Headset In many ways this is like a lighter version of the Ear Force XO Seven, but developed for the 360. This Xbox 360 headset includes a bass boost for extra oomph and microphone monitoring you can hear how you sound: The bass increase is struck or miss, however microphone monitoring is constantly handy for conscientious group play. There are independent chat volume controls, and a USB power connection that prevents the requirement for A/C adapters. This headset doesn’t have any swappable ear cups, however it also makes for a lighter fit on your head– and the price is very workable, making this easily the best Xbox 360 gaming headset for the price.

SteelSeries Siberia 800– Most Practical Wireless Headset


Price: $242.67|Surround Noise: 7.1

Why we chose it: Virtual 7.1 surround sound and solid controls make this headset stand out.

So far we’ve been adhering to wired earphones, however if you are trying to find the best wireless video gaming headset, then the SteelSeries Siberia 800 (past variations were referred to as the H Wireless) headset is for you. This is another hotly objected to area, but the Dolby virtual 7.1 surround noise and retractable mic really put this one ahead of the pack.

You get terrific sound, broad compatibility for different platforms, and some really nice low latency. The mic is a little gimmicky however I like how simple it was to change in between team and solo play modes. You will need to recharge the Li-Ion battery pack (two packs are included), however these are fairly small quibbles for a headset that offers remarkable noise. Keep in mind that there are a few various versions of this headset offered if you choose compatibility with a specific console like the Xbox One.

The transmitter consists of an OLED screen so you can see the setting changes you are making– as long as you have line of vision. You can switch between different surround sound settings, flick the EQ on or off, and make other crucial sound modifications.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Price: $84.99|Surround Sound: 7.1 via USB audio Sound Card

Why we selected it: Surround noise on PC, an internal sound card for echo canceling, and 53mm drivers for extra bass give these earphones an edge.

If you want to save some money however still get a quality gaming headset, then the HyperX Cloud II from Kingston is the best low-cost gaming headset choice. You get some great earphones with an included sound card that provides echo canceling and 7.1 virtual surround noise. This the best spending plan video gaming headset enhanced for voice talking and includes 53mm neodymium drivers, plus a fairly inconspicuous mic. It is worth keeping in mind, however, that the surround sound feature is designed for PC and Mac computers: With consoles, you’ll have to make due with stereo, which does reduce the value a bit. Nevertheless, in all it’s difficult to get these functions at this price somewhere else.

Why You Should Trust Me

I have actually been gaming for several years. I have actually tried a whole host of headsets, which have actually been broken through use, ditched for better versions, and sometimes tossed across the space. When it pertains to headphones, I have actually worked my way through brand-recommended choices and third-party noise products, while concurrently working my method through raids, war zones, and fantasy worlds.

You know all those things that make headphones frustrating? The mic “heavy breathing” feedback, the sluggish hurting slip of earcups down your neck, the frustrating “teeny voice” directional noise that takes you out of gameplay? Those have taken place to me, too. So after examining numerous headsets, I have a beneficial interest in finding some headphones that don’t dissatisfy.

To puts it simply, I understand what enters into a sweet set of video gaming earphones, and I more than happy to let you benefit from my expertise and findings over the years. Get ready for the final word on 2015 video gaming headsets.

Features We Compared

If you are wondering what factors we take into account when examining the best video gaming headsets, well– we take a look at whatever. However the features important to your video gaming experience include:


  • First, the frequency range reveals what sounds speakers can produce– all earphones tend to have a broad variety, dipping down to the bass range (around 20 Hz at the lowest) and reaching up toward 20 kHz.
  • Nevertheless, frequency is also determined in terms of reaction, or how properly headphones can recreate noises at the frequency they must be.
  • Try to find earphones that have precise action throughout as much of the frequency variety as possible.


  • Headphones with high level of sensitivity will use their watts efficiently to provide big boosts in sound each time you turn up the volume.
  • Low sensitivity earphones might not have the ability to go all the way to 11.
  • If you love your huge sound, look for high level of sensitivity headsets.

3.Speaker Drivers:

  • Speaker drivers are generally determined in millimeters, which is why you might see specifications like “50mm drivers.”
  • The general rule here is that a larger driver will give you more of that sexy bass noise in the lower frequency varieties, however might struggle more at the higher frequency ranges.

4.Surround Noise:

  • Be it 5.1 or 7.1, the secret here is to find a headset that provides not just reasonable surround sound, but compelling surround.
  • A great surround headset will provide both an immersive video gaming experience, but one that enables you to find your enemies based on position, which can in some cases be key to winning the fight.
  • Try to find “7.1 virtual surround sound” when possible.

5.Mic Quality:

  • How well does that mic work? Does it make your voice noise fuzzy and distorted, or does it permit smooth, automatic communication with your colleagues.
  • To that end, how easy is it to position the mic relative to your face. And can it cancel out ambient sound or noise from the game itself?
  • Your colleagues will never applaud you for a quality mic, but they’ll make certain to berate you for a bad one.

6.Sound Latency:

  • Latency is all about how sound is sent.
  • High latency indicates that noise will be postponed, may jump around, and could accelerate or decrease all of a sudden.
  • Good gaming earphones will have low latency.

7.On-Board Functions:

  • While this function might not be the choosing factor, it’s still something to be cognezant of.
  • For instance, different volume and mic controls on the headset can be fantastic when you need to make quick on-the-fly adjustments.

8.Earcup Size and Products:

  • You’ll likely be gaming for hours, so you’ll want to ensure that your gaming headset is comfy.
  • That faux-leather may feel terrific now, however what if it’s a low-quality material that begins to crack and tear in a year? Foam and gel both have the tendency to affect sound in different ways (gel can improve bass more quickly), however likewise feel differently on the ear.
  • Choice is very important here, but try to find thick, highly-quality outer coverings that will not wear through quickly.

9.Wireless or Wired:

  • Wired headphones are less likely to have problem with latency and frequently have the best sound quality, while wireless headphones offer great series of movement and may be more comfortable.
  • For the general experience, wired earphones still hold the upper hand. When choosing wireless earphones, search for surround sound and simple recharging options.

Which Gaming Headset Is Right For You?

When it comes to earphones, noise is King, which is why the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 earphones is the best for all sorts of PC gaming. Nevertheless, the way that the headset fits around your ears and rests on your head is likewise important, which is why the Sennheiser G4ME ONE earphones likewise gets a lot of love. If you’re trying to find Xbox headphones, begin searching Turtle Beach headsets, since in some cases a company with experience in a particular console will just treat you right.

When trying to find headsets for more general use, keep in mind to expect 7.1 virtual surround noise, devoted sound cards, and fantastic frequency reaction. This makes it simple to spot high quality sound no matter what item you are taking a look at. Likewise, remember that your ears understand best, so when possible visit a shop and see if you can try on earphones personally if you are making a hard choice.

For discovering the best video gaming headphones around, stick with Device Evaluation: We have actually got you covered now and for all future developments. Whenever you are questioning what is the best video gaming headset for your present PC or console, come by and check out our latest news and reviews to discover the essential information– and change your gaming experience from the ears external.


Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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