Benefits of Beekeeping

Why has humanity been so interested in beekeeping over the centuries? You can bet that the first motivator was honey. After all, for many years and long prior to walking stick sugar, honey was the primary sweetener in use. It’s no surprise that honey continues to be the primary draw for many yard beekeepers.

However the sweet reward is by no means the only factor folks are drawn in to beekeeping. For a long time, farming has actually acknowledged the value of pollination by bees. Without the bees’ help, lots of commercial crops would suffer major repercussions. Even backyard beekeepers witness significant enhancements in their gardens’ yields: more and bigger fruits, flowers and veggies. A hive or more in the garden makes a big difference in your success as a gardener.

What are the benefits of beekeeping?

The benefits of beekeeping extend beyond honey and pollination. Bees produce other products that can be collected and put to excellent use, including beeswax, propolis, and royal jelly. Even the pollen they bring back to the hive can be harvested (it’s rich in protein and makes a healthy food supplement in our own diets).

benefits of beekeeping: honey
benefits of beekeeping: honey

How much Honey you can take from single colony of bees?

The possibility of gathering honey is definitely a strong tourist attraction for brand-new beekeepers. There’s something magical about bottling your own honey. Feel confident that no other honey tastes as good as the honey made by your own bees. Delicious!

How much honey can you expect? The answer to that question varies depending on the weather condition, rainfall, and location and strength of your colony. But producing 100 pounds or more of surplus honey isn’t unusual for a single colony.

Bees as pollinators: Experiencing a more bountiful garden

Any garden enthusiast recognizes the value of pollinating insects. Different insects carry out a vital service in the production of seed and fruit. The survival of plants depends on pollination, and the honey bee accounts for 80 percent of all pollination done by bugs. Without the honey bee’s services, more than a 3rd of the vegetables and fruits that people consume would be lost.

Beekeeping and pollination

The facts that keeping a hive in the yard drastically improves pollination and benefits you with a tasty honey harvest are on their own good enough reasons to keep bees. However today, the value of keeping bees surpasses the obvious. In a majority of areas, countless colonies of wild (or feral) honey bees have been eliminated by urbanization, pesticides, and parasitic mites, devastating the wild honey bee population. When gardeners question why they now see less and fewer honey bees in their gardens, it’s due to the fact that of the dramatic decline in our wild honey bee population. Yard beekeeping has actually ended up being crucial in our efforts to reestablish lost colonies of bees and balance out the natural reduction in pollination by wild bees.

benefits of backyard beekeeping
benefits of backyard beekeeping

Beekeeping and getting an education

As a beekeeper you continuously discover brand-new features of nature, bees, and their remarkable social habits. Practically any school, nature center, garden club, or youth company likes for you (as a beekeeper) to share your knowledge. Do not be surprised to discover yourself making the rounds with your slide show and props, sharing honey bees with the whole neighborhood. Getting the word out to others about the value these little animals bring to everyone is great fun. You’re planting a seed for our next generation of beekeepers. After all, perhaps it was a grade-school discussion on beekeeping or state fair presentation that aroused your interest in honey bees in the first place.

Beekeeping for treatments and stress relief

Although you will not discover any scientific studies to confirm it, lots of beekeepers firmly believe that tending honey bees reduces stress. Dealing with bees is so relaxing and virtually magical. You feel at one with nature, and whatever problems might have been on your mind have the tendency to evaporate. There’s something about being out there on a beautiful warm day, the intense focus of exploring the wonders of the hive, and hearing that gentle hum of contented bees– it immediately puts you at ease, disappearing whatever day-to-day tensions that you might discover creeping into your life.

Any natural food shop owner can tell you the advantages of the bees’ products. Honey, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis have been a part of healthy remedies for centuries. Honey and propolis (a sticky resinous material that bees collect from trees and plants) have substantial anti-bacterial qualities. Royal jelly (the compound that is produced from glands in an employee bee’s head and is used to feed brood) is filled with B vitamins and is commonly used overseas as a dietary and fertility stimulant. Pollen is high in high protein and can be used as a homeopathic remedy for seasonal pollen allergies.

Apitherapy is making use of bee products for treating health conditions. Even the bees’ venom plays an essential role here– in bee-sting therapy. Venom is administered with success to patients who experience arthritis and other inflammatory/medical conditions. This whole area has actually ended up being a science in itself and has actually been practiced for countless years in Asia, Africa, and Europe.


Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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