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When most people think of their local barber, they might not realize what she or he needs in order to do the job well. There’s a lot more to it than simply grabbing any old set of scissors. There are 5 essential tools that every barber requires beginning with the hair cutting instruments.

As you learn in barber school, barbers use more than just a set of shears or perhaps a pair of clippers to get the looks they develop for their customers. Being a barber truly has to do with having the very same amount of artistry with hair as any other hair cabinet, even if the hair is much shorter.

#1. Scissors

If you used only one thing as a barber it would need to be scissors (“shears” to some). They are top in anyone’s list of barber tools. In numerous poorer countries barbers don’t even own electric clippers. They use the bare minimum — not to discuss what barbers of old used.

As a barber or barbering student, buying a great pair of reputable scissors is essential. If you, as a barber, don’t get decent-quality ones to start with you will eventually. When you use premium scissors you’ll discover a huge difference in how easy they are to use, what a good job they do, and for how long they last.

That being stated as a starting barber it is a good idea to invest a moderate amount on your shears as you will know much better what you desire and require in your scissors as your cutting skills develop.

Inspect the table below for our pick for the very best starter shears for your loan. They are under $30 for cutting shears + thinning shears and are 420-grade stainless-steel with a tensioning screw. And extremely important: they feel good in the hand.

At $25 you won’t feel you lost money when you update to a set made from higher grade stainless steel or titanium and will constantly have them as backups. At any rate, many barbers have several sets of shears for different hair cutting jobs.

#2. Powerful Electric Clippers

Home hair cutters can use a weak clippers because they are not under pressure to make money and may only do one hairstyle every couple of months. Barbers, on the other hand, are earning a living and cannot manage to deal with low-grade tools. That’s why buying the best you can manage is a no-brainer. Even a small difference in power and quality can make a work day simpler.

As some barbers have more than one pair of scissors so also do they have more than one electrical hair clipper. Having clippers for different jobs speeds up a barber’s work. It makes sense to have a backup clippers as well.

Unlike scissors, which you may wish to try a couple of different models and styles of to see what suits you best, barber clippers are relatively simple to select: get excellent quality with lots of power.

Our choice for best hair clipper is the newest Oster, the Model 10 (discussed in the video at the bottom of the page). It is only a bit more expensive than the previous best the Oster 76. The Model 10 is a smaller, lighter and quieter than the 76 without sacrifice power. The more ergonomic design makes it simpler to fade and blend than with the 76. The Model 10 is THE option of lots of professional barbers.

Though not as effective as the Osters a good lower priced model is the Wahl 8500 Senior. It has outstanding reviews and is a best-seller for a factor. It’s a good choice for a trainee on a budget or someone who uses clippers less frequently.

#3. Straight Razor for Barbers

Next on our list of essential tools for a barber is the famous straight razor. These bad kids are renown for giving the closest shave possible. As such expert barbers are expected to be skilled with a straight razor. Can you picture requesting a shave at a barber shop and being dealt with to a shave with a non reusable? No. It takes a while to get great at using a straight razor but it is an essential ability for an experienced high-end barber to get.

A good starter’s blade is a 5/8 ″ round point like the Dovo Classic. The Dovo Classic’s only disadvantage is a slightly weak plastic manage. For that reason we cannot whole-heartedly suggest it as a razor that will last your entire life. Dovo 5/8 ″ Straight Razor with Ebony Handle though is worth the money. This ebony managed variation has the very same exceptional blade however paired with a top quality grip which will last a lot longer than the plastic. A little more pricey at around, however worth it.

Our recommended best worth starter blade for a first-time user is the Shave Ready Straight Razor. It is economical enough that you can update when you are all set without feeling you squandered cash. It’s likewise sharp and ready-to-use right from the box. This blade has 100+ reviews with 4 stars and is genuinely inexpensive for what you get.

The other option is to buy a straight razor that uses disposable blades. The Vintage Straight Razor is one such. It’s a great choice for a beginner and some people never update to a cut-throat design razor due to the fact that of they are so practical. At just $24.99 with outstanding reviews on Amazon this system is an easy one to recommend. One warning a razor like this without the best blades is much more likely to irritate and scrape your face instead of cut your hair, so get some high quality single-edge blades while you’re at it.

#4. Combs, Brushes, Neck Dusters

What would a barber be without a comb, a brush and a neck duster? You might argue that hair will get cut without them, however if you are a pro they are needed. Luckily, they aren’t huge ticket products unless you are opting for the rare or antique.

#5. A Mirrors

Customers have to have the ability to see the work of art their barber has wrought. In order to do that, barbers need to offer their customers with a big mirror, front and center. That lets them have an easy way to get a good look at the front and sides of their head and face. Always remember a good-sized hand mirror, too. With that, customers can reverse and check out every angle of their make over, so they can applaud their barber appropriately.

Hair Salon Tools for Cleaning and Sanitizing

In addition to the tools for cutting and maintaining the hair, barbers likewise need to be able to preserve their equipment. That old container of Barbicide is there for a reason; it assists to keep combs clean and sterilized between clients. Barbers likewise need to have oil, rags, and cleansing products to keep their clippers and numerous scissors in good shape. Improperly kept scissors and clippers can underestimate to customers and their hair.

The Barber’s Chair

Probably the most notorious tool of any hair salon is the chair. Not just does it raise and lower to make it simpler for the barber to cut hair appropriately, it can also tilt back till the occupant can lie down. This is very essential for the perfect shave. It lets the barber have the access he has to get in there and do the job correctly. While barbers can use other types of chairs if required, a true barber chair makes every aspect of the job a lot easier.

Barbershop Capes and Towels

Capes and towels may not appear like important tools for a barber, but they likewise assist him to do his job effectively. The capes keep hair and hair products off customers and their clothes, which is actually important for any client, but especially for those checking out in the middle of a hectic work day. Towels are versatile, and can be used not only for drying hair and brushing away clipped hair, but they are likewise handy for softening beards with warm water prior to a shave. Towels and capes are on a lot of lists of everything a barber needs however not definitely essential. Capes are pretty affordable too.

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

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