5 Reasons to Order Metal Processing on CNC Machines in Ukraine

CNC installations provide the highest quality of parts, absolute accuracy of operations, guaranteed repeatability of results, economical resource spending. Computerized equipment is optimal for high-precision laser cutting, flexible, metal milling, performing turning works. We give 5 arguments in favor of metal processing on CNC machines.


The rate of production on machinery with computer numerical control increases almost twice. The full cycle is performed on one or two installations, and the cutting tool is changed automatically. The revolving head, which is equipped with the installation contains up to 12 different nozzles. This allows you to combine successive steps into a single cycle and speed up the process. The amount of time that occupies the execution of the same operations always remains unchanged. Stability achieved by the absence of a human factor is particularly relevant for mass production.

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Precision and cleanliness of processing

A special program allows you to get absolutely identical parts over and over again. Thanks to computer control, the surgical precision of metalworking is achieved – down to microns. The operation of the unit is not affected by the operator’s skills, well-being, or other distractions. The software controls the smoothness and speed of the hydraulic drive, maximizes the quality of the cut by making parts on a CNC machine. With some settings, the finished products look like they have been polished.

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Manufacturing complex products

The step-by-step execution of the commands of a given program allows the machine to cope with the manufacture of parts of any complexity. Computerized systems are in demand both in the production of aviation and automotive parts and in the creation of works of art. It is equally easy to make identical parts or cut a decorative fantasy ornament on a sheet of metal on a CNC machine.


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Robotic devices can reduce production costs by reducing resource consumption and staffing. The machine operates precisely according to the set algorithms. Errors causing unexpected overruns of materials are excluded. If raw materials are spent in excess of the norm, then their amount is minimal and planned. The ability to predict metal consumption allows you to correctly calculate the profitability of production.

For the maintenance of automated units, a large number of employees is required. One operator is able to control the work of 2-4 machines – depending on the duration of the processing cycle. By combining the equipment into a single system – a conveyor, you can minimize material and time costs.

High performance

Knowing the exact amount of time it takes to machine a particular part, you can calculate the optimal load of equipment and minimize downtime. The capabilities of the program and equipment allow you to exclude some operations necessary for manual control – marking, reinstalling parts from one device to another. Fewer steps can speed up the process and maximize productivity.

The article was prepared with the help of specialists of the complex metalworking service center «Magnet».

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