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We spent more than 300 hours checking the very best electrical lawnmowers on the market today. At the end of our analysis, we figured out that the EGO LM2102SP is the overall finest choice. This is because of its long battery life, fast recharge time, terrific maneuverability and ability to manage bigger lawns– as much as 1/3 acre. It has a broad cutting course of 21 inches, five cutting height settings and self-propulsion technology. Weighing in at 58 pounds, it’s also one of the lightest electric lawnmowers we evaluated– other designs can weigh as much as 70 pounds. On top of all that is its retractable style that makes it easy to save when not in usage. It’s a terrific choice for nearly any lawn.

Finest Overall


Even though it’s an electrical mower, the EGO LM2102SP produces outcomes that match those produced by its gas-powered counterparts. Compared with those gas-powered models, it also has the benefit of not needing fuel and oil, which produce exhaust that can harm your lungs and the environment.
This EGO model is equipped with a 56-volt lithium-ion battery that lasts a full hour before needing to be charged. This need to be enough time to cut a 1/3-acre lawn, provided it’s already well maintained. If the lawn is thick, you may run out of juice. Fortunately, it just takes about 40 minutes to totally charge the battery. The average charge time of the mower batteries we tested had to do with 2 and a half hours. Another advantage of this mower is its 21-inch cutting width, which is wide enough that it can minimize the variety of passes you need to make to cut your yard. It also has five unique cutting heights, ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 4 inches. This permits you to obtain the cut height that’s perfect for the type of grass you have. This lawn mower just weights about 58 pounds– some other designs we evaluated weigh up to 90 pounds. This not just makes it simple to press throughout your lawn, but it likewise makes it simple to move and store. In addition, it has a collapsible handlebar, which makes it much more convenient to save when not in usage.

Finest Value

Earthwise 60420

When cash is tight, you have to get the most value. If you require a good electrical lawn mower that doesn’t cost much, the Earthwise 60420 is your best choice. It has an excellent design and great battery life, and it features a bag that can hold up to 20 pounds of turf clippings.
The Earthwise 60420 has a 20-inch broad cutting course, which is comparable to our top choice. It’s also rather ergonomic, with a comfy grip that will not give you blisters or chafe your hands. In addition, it has seven cutting positions, so you have ultimate control over for how long your lawn is. This lawnmower includes two batteries that last about 55 minutes each before needing a recharge. Despite the fact that it takes two hours to completely recharge the batteries, as long as you have one on the battery charger while you trim, it’s unlikely you’ll have to wait if you run out of juice in the other. The Earthwise 60420 just weighs about 52 pounds, that makes it one of the lightest mowers we examined. Sadly, unlike the leading choice, it does not have self-propulsion technology. So although it’s quite light, it still might be a chore to boss around your yard. The tradeoffs you produce a cheaper lawn mower are more than acceptable with this design. If you do not have a great deal of additional dough, this is the best choice.

Best for Small Yards


Small lawns require a lot less from an electrical mower. The STIHL RMA is a perfect choice for houses that do not have a lot of turf.
This model is little, convenient to shop and easy to clean. Its most significant downside is that you need to buy the battery independently. Normally, we would prevent individuals from purchasing a lawn mower that needs an additional purchase to work correctly, but for small backyards, it’s most likely worth it. At 30 pounds, this is the lightest electric mower we reviewed. Since of the machine’s size, it’s not unexpected that the battery is a paltry 36 volts, which indicates it doesn’t load a great deal of power. Still, for small lawns, you do not actually require a great deal of muscle. It lasts about 40 minutes and just takes half an hour to recharge. If your lawn is little enough, it’s unlikely you’ll need to charge the battery in the middle of mowing. The mower’s design is completely fit to small lawn areas. It doesn’t have a bag– rather there is a hard-plastic container that gathers clippings, much like a garbage can. The container is rather more difficult to clear than a bag, buts it’s worth the hassle if you’re not gathering a full lawn’s worth of clippings.

Most Cutting Positions


The RYOBI RY40180 is a lightweight, maneuverable electric lawn mower. It has a 20-inch cutting path, which is among the largest of the mowers in we examined.
The RYOBI electrical lawn mower has 7 cutting positions; no other design in our lineup had more. It can cut in between 1.5 inches and 3.75 inches. While there are lawn mowers with somewhat more irregularity when it comes to height, the range of cutting positions permits you to cut at the particular height that fits your yard. That means you’ll be able to cut through thick yard faster with less of a drain on the battery. The RYOBI 40-volt lithium-ion battery lasts as much as about 40 minutes on a single charge, and it takes roughly two times that long to charge at 90 minutes. There are mower that charge faster and have longer battery lives, however for many lawns this must be sufficient. Regrettably, there is just one battery included, so you cannot charge one while utilizing the other. Nevertheless, if you have other RYOBI battery-operated tools you can exchange batteries in between the tools.

Quickest Charge Time

GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601

The GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601 comes with two 80-volt batteries, so you can continue to mow while the other battery is charging.
Like the Kobalt KM2180B-06, it has a quick charge time and a long-lasting battery. It charges in 30 minutes and lasts for about an hour on a single charge. It also has an automated power-adjusting system to extend battery life further. It keeps track of the power had to cut your lawn and changes the power output to just use as much battery power as the job requires. This GreenWorks lawn mower likewise has piece de resistance features. It has a 21-inch cutting course and has seven cutting positions, so you can cut your lawn quickly at the precise length you desire. This mower is simple to maneuver with 2 large wheels in back and a lightweight design. Among the few disadvantages is it is not self-propelled, so pressing it over certain surface can be tough, but its light weight will assist.

Why Trust United States?

Our in-house customers used these electrical lawn mowers and compared that with their previous experiences utilizing gas mowers. They kept in mind how each electrical design manages, how hard it is to push, how typically the yard collector needed emptying, and how satisfying each was to use general.

We spent numerous hours examining, score and ranking the best electric lawn mowers on the marketplace today. We subjected each mower to a battery of tests tailored at measuring power, performance, convenience and design. Afterward, we utilized the collected data to find out which one is the best and why.

We talked to electrical mower professionals and individuals in the neighborhood who have actually utilized electrical lawnmowers over a period of years to get their notified viewpoints. April Scarbrough is a landlady from Ogden, Utah, we talked to, who explains herself as an electric lawnmower enthusiast.

Scarbrough said she enjoys how simple it is to begin an electric lawn mower with one touch of a button in contrast to her gas lawn mower’s uncomfortable pull cord. She likes that you don’t have to stress over the noise, breathing in gas fumes or the high maintenance of a gas mower.

” As long as I keep the blades sharp, it does a fine job of keeping my yard healthy-looking,” Scarbrough said. “There is no thought of saving it for the winter season or determining how much oil to utilize and what type. Just plug in and cut.”

Scarbrough has actually been utilizing the exact same corded lawnmower for seven years. She said the cable does not generally obstruct and isn’t really any more cumbersome than her corded vacuum. Scarbrough just drags out her gas lawn mower to cut tough weeds and yard, which react better to the gas mower’s power. When it pertains to normal lawn and routine maintenance of her lawn, however, she does not see a considerable distinction between the two.

How We Tested

Our team of customers evaluated the mowers on a specifically prepared lawn field. Each mower had its own unique area of grass to trim.

During screening, the customers noted the number of passes it took each mower to attain a consistent cut, and they also kept an eye on how often the clip catcher had to be cleared. Furthermore, they kept track of how long each battery lasted and the length of time it required to fully recharge after it drained. All these information points and more were factored into our specifically weighted scoring system, and each maker was offered a raw score. This score was then tempered by the customers’ viewpoints, based on their real-life experiences.

Our evaluating team traveled more than 675 miles to evaluate these makers. Throughout the winter season, there was no lawn offered to check the mowers on, so they took an over night journey to St. George, Utah. They returned in time to obtain you the info you need to purchase a mower prior to the snow melts and the yard starts growing.

Important Features to think about When Choosing an Electric Lawn Mower

Battery Power
Our group of in-house reviewers discovered that battery power is the most important consideration when purchasing an electric lawn mower. They were often annoyed when a lesser maker’s battery died in the middle of a mowing job.

To determine battery power, our team kept in mind the length of time every one lasted on a full charge along with the length of time it required to charge it after it passed away. They discovered that electrical mower batteries last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and can take as long as two hours to charge. Lawn mowers that feature a backup battery made greater ratings.

The most powerful lawn mower isn’t always the very best one for your yard. You ought to consider how big your backyard is and how often you plan to cut it. If your lawn is 1/3 acre or bigger, you’ll wish to spring for a high-performance design with a high-voltage battery, wide cutting course and numerous height settings. If you have a smaller sized lawn or do not need to trim extremely often, you can most likely get away with one that has less power.

The reviewers discovered that using a mower that has numerous height settings is necessary to getting your turf cut just the method you want it. Different types of yard have their own distinct needs and look better when cut at certain heights. The more height changes you have on your mower the much better.

We likewise factored weight into our analysis. Mowers that weigh more are harder to push around your yard. Likewise, due to the fact that these devices don’t have internal combustion engines, they have little to no self-propulsion. Lighter lawn mowers scored greater in our analysis, but our reviewers’ experiences maneuvering them was likewise considered. Only one model we evaluated had additional self-propulsion technology, and it got benefit points.

Comfort and convenience ought to be key factors to consider when choosing an electric lawn mower. The best designs have padded, ergonomically developed manages that prevent chaffing and blisters on your hands. Additionally, the designs we examined all have a main ignition system of either an essential or a button, both of which are far remarkable to the rip-cords on gas lawn mowers.

Corded electrical mower begin at about $100; nevertheless, it can be awkward to deal with a cord while mowing, and it restricts your mobility and the range you can cover. Battery-operated mowers cost a bit more, beginning in the low $200 variety as much as about $500, however the convenience of battery power, for many customers, deserves paying extra. Be aware that cordless mowers have the tendency to have somewhat less power than corded designs, and you’ll have to charge the batteries, however they offer much more mobility.

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