What is a Good Push Lawn Mower to Buy?

There are numerous push lawn mowers on sale – however just a few are simple to use and leave a great surface on your yard. This professional guide will help you find the best mower for you.

What is a Good Push Lawn Mower to Buy in 2016?

Want to pick the best mower for you? Register today for a ₤ 1 trial to access all our expert review and Best Buys. There are hundreds of mower readily available, so how do you start limiting the choices? From the inexpensive and pleasant to the large and effective, we’ll inform you how to set about finding the perfect design for you. A great beginning point for thinking about what type of lawn mower you require is to ask yourself these concerns:

  • How big is your lawn? Are you trying to find a model that is terrific for rapidly cleaning a small patch? Or do you want a more powerful lawn mower that can whizz through long yard in a big area?
  • How tall or strong are you? Some lawn mowers have adjustable height deals with to be more comfy to use. Self-propelled fuel lawn mowers with crucial starts are much easier to use than pull-starts or heavy models that need to be bossed around.
  • Where do you want to use your lawn mower? Are you planning to get a model that will handle well on a slope or can manoeuvre around trees and ponds?
  • How smart do you desire your yard to look? Does it need to be striped like a bowling green or are you happy as long as it’s brief?
  • How much space do you have to save your mower? Models with foldable manages can squeeze into tight spots.

To assist you choose the perfect lawn mower, our dedicated interactive software will walk you through the vital features and buying choices to consider, according to whattdw.com.

Corded electrical rotary push lawn mowers

If you are looking for the best push lawn mower under $300.

If you have a budget plan of between $150 and $300 then there are lots of corded electrical rotary push lawn mowers from brands like Bosch, Flymo and Honda that are simple to use and can deal with long and damp turf much more successfully. Watch out for one with lawn combs and inset front wheels so it can mow right as much as the lawn edge. Cordless rotary mower are a pricey alternative but are extremely convenient and basic to use. We’ve discovered a couple of fantastic designs that have enough battery life to cut medium-sized lawns. Corded-electric rotary lawn mowers are a great option for a family yard.

best push lawn mower under 300

Pros: Corded electric rotary lawn mowers are frequently the least expensive alternative. Battery-powered cordless machines are presently a lot more expensive. Both types of mower are terrific choices for a family yard as they can take on patches of long yard and as the majority of collect turf clippings you do not need to stress over mowing too often.

Cons: Cordless electric lawn mowers are still extremely costly. The cable from corded models tends to get tangled up in borders and you might need an extension cable television, too.

Petrol rotary mower

These effective machines range in price from $270 to $800, but we have a Best Buy Hayter model for only $320 which breezed through longer turf and was easy to use. Self-propelled petroleum mowers can cost a bit extra, however the most affordable we’ve checked still can be found in at under $300. A Mountfield push lawn mower which came with a variety of beneficial extras consisting of a hose pipe accessory for washing beneath the lawn mower, a reliable roller for cool stripes and a sign for when the yard box is complete.

Pros: Great for cutting large areas and taking on rough turf. As they don’t have a power cable they’re excellent for trimming around large obstacles such as trees or ponds.

Cons: Heavy and some are very tough to manoeuvre. You will have to service your petroleum mower to keep it running smoothly.

Cylinder mower

Cylinder mowers cut the yard like scissors so leave a very good finish on a lawn.

They do not cope very well with long lawn or rough lawns though and very few of the hand-push models gather the yard well. They’re truly created to keep frequently cut, short turf appearance really neat and to leave the clippings to mulch down. Standard hand-push cylinder mowers are very fundamental machines which cost under ₤ 100. If your yard is your pride and happiness then you can spend upwards of ₤ 600 to purchase a corded electric or petrol cylinder lawn mower. These heavy makers are expensive however we’ve been impressed at how clever they leave a yard looking.

Cylinder mowers are perfect for a short, fine yard

Pros: Will enhance the look of a frequently cut yard, give a very good finish on a flat, great lawn.

Cons: You have to cut extremely routinely. The hand-push designs don’t collect the yard clippings well. Changing the blades and keeping them sharp and be fiddly.

best push lawn mower for 2016
Best push lawn mower for 2016

What features do I need?

Lawn mowers can have a number of features. We explain what every one does below. At least, watch out for metal blades, which will have the ability to cut cleanly through grass. A large turf box can be actually useful if you don’t cut that typically, while a roller will give a conventional striped surface to your lawn.

Lawn collector

A yard collector is a fabric bag or plastic box that holds the yard clippings created by your lawn mower. A big lawn collector conserves many journeys to the compost pile. A window in the top, or an indication to tell you when it’s complete, is likewise useful, but a great deal of them don’t work particularly well. With hand-push lawn mowers, the lawn collector is open and relies on the turning blades to throw clippings into it. We’ve discovered that a great deal of these types of lawn collectors don’t work very well at all.

Lawn mower cutting height

This is simply the height above the ground that the lawn mower will cut the turf. A mower with a wide cutting range (eg from 12-70mm) is useful if you need to cut more than one lawn of different qualities, or different heights at different times of the year. If you want to cut a fine decorative (bowling green) lawn, look for a minimum cut of around 13mm. A single height adjuster is much easier than adjusting each wheel in turn. With the most affordable mower, you have to eliminate and change each wheel, or in the case of hover mowers, eliminate the blade and include or remove spacers, which is great if you seldom change the cutting height. 13mm Is the cutting height you’ll need for a really brief yard.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries

Lithium-ion batteries for cordless, battery-powered mower are designed to provide similar power, however with less weight than NiCd batteries and their life expectancy is significantly longer. You may have to pay a bit additional for a lithium-ion battery-powered lawn mower rather than a NiCd one, however they are becoming the conventional type of battery. For a lot of cordless mowers, the battery is the most pricey element.

Long switch

Lots of lawn mowers have a single operating switch on the right-hand side of the handle that needs to be held down for the lawn mower to be used. A long switch is a bar that runs the width of the manage, allowing you to use both hands to switch lawn mower on, to conserve wrist strain. It’s much better for left-handers, too. A double-switch, on both sides of the deal with, is likewise a great choice.

Mulching mowers

Mulching mowers recut the lawn clippings into tiny pieces and blow them back on to the lawn, where they break down and feed the yard. Some have a metal or plastic plate that encloses the outlet to the yard collector, while others have a knob that transforms quickly from gather to mulch.


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