Garden tractor for 5 acres

How to Choose the Best Tractor for 5 Acres Farm

Buying the best tractor for small farm work needs looking for the right tractor for the task. Tractors can be used for many reasons. Identifying the tasks and eliminating the tractors that won’t work is the primary step. Tractors are iconic signs of farming and a typical farm equipment purchase. Picking the best tractor for small farm and homestead operations can also be enjoyable. Finding out about the various tractor and machinery brands and speaking to individuals with years of experience helps us focus on the job our tractor will be doing. Don’t over buy. Simply as having a tractor big enough for the task is very important, so is not having a tractor that is not too huge for your home.

Choosing Criterias

Start your look for the best tractor for 5 acres farm operations by finding the dealerships near your home. No matter how well you preserve the tractor, you will need service and parts. Having the ability to pick up parts or set up a repair is much easier and prompt when you are in the same area as the car dealership.

Recognize the jobs you will carry out with the tractor. This will help the salesperson limit the look for the perfect tractor. Plowing, moving hay bales, moving pallets of feed, cutting turf and cutting hay are just a few of the tasks that can be accomplished with a tractor. Make a farm carries out list. Which ones do you use all the time? Would having among those tasks dealt with by the tractor improve your farm life? Using a grid to form a compact tractor comparison chart will help you picture the options. Get hold of a sheet of plain paper or graphed paper. On the left side, list the jobs you would use the tractor to achieve.

Used Tractor

It would be great if you might discover a bargain on a used tractor for small farm requirements. It would be even much better if the tractor was in excellent condition. In our experience, this is a hard product to discover. If a tractor is a good machine, the owner is most likely to use it up until it is almost worn. Ask about the hours the machine has actually been run and be sure to check the tire quality. Let the purchaser beware of course. If you discover a used tractor, take care looking it over and thought as having a machinery mechanic have a look before you purchase.

Garden tractor for 5 acres
Best garden tractor for 5 acres


Again, I think it’s much better to have a regional dealer to do business with. The dealer will have much better luck buying parts and arranging a repair work on your farm. John Deere, Alis Chalmers, and International Harvester, are just a few of the dealership and brand name options. All of the major brands are developed to deal with the jobs on a small farm.

Size and Horsepower Make Sense

This is where things get sticky when attempting to get advice. Lots of people believe that larger is much better when purchasing the best tractor for 5 acres farm work. Let’s break down the answer by looking at 3 main options for tractors for small farms. Garden-style tractors benefit cutting lawn. They have limited horse power and may not have adequate traction for a lot more than that. The smaller farm tractors are between 30 and 60 horse power. These are popular options for small farming work. This size range can be easily navigated around structures, paddocks, and through pasture gates. Bigger farm tractors, over 75 HP are excellent for plowing large fields, planting, collecting and cutting hay.


Hydrostatic transmissions are a more recent option in tractor transmissions. This transmission is a lot like automatic. This choice is excellent if you are doing a lot of field work, planting, clearing fields and cutting hay. Contrast this type of transmission with the classic manual transmission. The advantage of the older class transmission is the extra lower gear. This is useful for pulling due to the fact that of the additional torque. The hydrostatic transmission is hassle-free but the expenditure is high if a repair work is essential.

Accessories for the very best Tractor for 5 Acres Farm Jobs

The tractors for 5 acres farm can connect a variety of tools to perform more jobs on the farm. Some devices connect to the standard container on the tractor. This is a hassle-free feature, however the tools do a better job when connected directly to the tractor.

Auger: An auger accessory can dig post holes, footer holes for foundations and holes for planting trees.

Plow: Plows can be used to move dirt, manure and more.

Harrow: The disc harrow is used to till up the field before planting. The spring tooth harrow smooths out the ground.

Bush Hog: The bush hog can be used to cut high lawn, weeds and brush.

Lawn mower: Cuts lawn or hay.

Hay Rake (and Baler): Follows and scrapes the hay into windrows and the baler makes the hay into bales.

Hay Spike: The bucket can be used to move a round bale but in some operations it is simpler to move the big round bale with the hay spike.

Forks: The forks are used for many tasks. If you feed big square bales, you require the forks for moving a stack of hay bales. The forks can also be used to move pallets of feed, or big farming accessories such as water troughs.

It is always a smart idea to measure gates and slim areas on your farm before purchasing any tractor for small farm use. Gates may appear large however the tractor may not fit through the gate causing more work. Have a good idea of what the best tractor for small farm tasks will include prior to heading out to make the purchase. The tractor must work hard for you and the farm for many years.

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