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Navigation Apps for Lyft

Best Navigation App for Lyft

Looking for the best GPS navigation apps? If you’re a rideshare driver (or you’re taking in becoming one), you know that a good digital mapping and navigation system is your crucial tool– besides your car itself!

android app clear data vs clear cache

Clear Cache vs Clear Data in Android

Apps sometimes can misbehave. Before you go reaching for that job killer (and we cannot stress this enough– don’t do it!) here’s something else to attempt.

the best gps navigator for android

The best GPS app and navigation app options for Android

When we think navigation app, we typically believe Google Maps. It’s the one many people recommend and it takes place to be the navigation app that gets updated the most typically. Google has actually been really on top of navigation especially over the last few years.…

how many app developers make money

How do app developers make money?

A major style in our State of the Developer Nation files is an increasingly gloomy image of common developers┬áprofits. The huge majority of developers┬ámake hardly any money from their apps. However, there are a lot of developers out there and a decent portion of them make…

Aroma Therapy With A Smartphone

Manage Aroma Therapy With A Smartphone Or Tablet

Another company we will be checking out at CES is Aroma Therapeutics. Their product, AromaCare is the first WiFi connected diffuser. It permits the user to wirelessly manage aromatherapy sessions, from a mobile device. You can manage an unlimited number of diffusers with the app by…

fitbit one accessories

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Fitness indicates being active, sleeping well, and eating smarter and the Fitbit one helps you do all three. Throughout the day, it tracks your steps, range, calories burned and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it determines your sleep cycle to help you see the best ways to…

best iphone apps for business travelers

Best Apps for Business Travelers

The days of paperless travel are upon us, with digital boarding passes, e-confirmations and online travel booking on the increase. Business travelers require bit more than a mobile phone or tablet to manage anything from signing agreements to logging expenditures and work hours. These apps do…

mobile application

What You Should Consider Whenever You Build Mobile Applications

You will find things you need to think about prior to you decide to endeavor to construct mobile applications. Especially if you take part in company, it’s extremely crucial that you construct one that will provide the best outcomes. Keep in mind that the marketplace gets…