Best Cheap Sunglasses for Men 2017

Your best sunglasses are indicated to accompany your adventures, both menial and grand. They’re designed for portability, which suggests you need to basically always have a pair on you. And, as a result, they are also meant to be lost.

And while you might have some fancier, more expensive sets in your collection, it is necessary that you have a cheap set or more that you won’t mind leaving behind on the beach or resting on in the rental car. So, we have actually assembled 15 budget plan friendly (however incredible) sunglasses under $100 that will make you look good all summer and will not spend a lot.

An essential to purchasing sunglasses is to try them on. Do not be afraid to test out every pair in the store, even snap an image to obtain a feel for what tones look best on you. We advise dragging along your most sincere friend for a reliable consultation.

List of the Best Sunglasses for Men on a Budget

Knockaround Polarized Sunglasses


The name states everything– Knockaround makes inexpensive sunglasses in a rainbow of colors, styles, and frames that are constructed to endure whatever your summer season throws at it. And if they do not, who cares? They just cost $19.

Quay Australia Shiban Sunglasses


Founded out of the music celebration circuit in Australia, Quay produces quirky, quality sunglasses at affordable prices. These blocky frames constructed of olive-colored resin will make you look like you suggest service this summer season, even if the only service you’re wanting to enter into is the business of beachin’. Price: $27

Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses


Sunski was borne out of two things: a browsing journey to Australia and an effective Kickstarter project. The outcome is a library of distinct sunglasses, all featuring polarized lenses, lightweight frames, and a rugged travel case. The fact that they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee doesn’t hurt, either. The Dipseas glasses, in particular, are called after a hiking path in Northern California, and the clear( ish) matte frame and blue lenses will make you stick out, anywhere you go. Price: $55

Sunski Taravals Sunglasses


Another offering from Sunski, the tortoise shell Taravals are called for the widely known San Francisco street. The amber-colored glasses are perfect to get you from the office to your long-weekend jaunt to the West Coast. Price: $58

American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses


American Optical makes sunglasses for the military, so if you have actually been trying to find a set of badass shades, you’ve discovered them. They have actually been released to the gotten considering that the late 1960s and were even worn by Neil Armstrong on the moon landing mission. If they’re excellent enough for the military, they’re great enough for you, right? Price: $60

Le Specifications Badland Sunglasses


Founded in the 1980s, Le Specifications has been a favorite of celebrities for years, so if you want to inject a little star power (and Euro taste) into your summertime, Le Specs is the brand for you. The Badland glasses have thick, wayfarer-style acetate frames that will look decidedly various than everybody else’s Ray-Ban wayfarers. We like them in ice blue, but if you’re looking for something more subtle, attempt them in matte black. Price: $60

Carrera Flat-top Sun Glasses


Carrera got its start in the 1950s, producing high-quality efficiency glasses and safety glasses for athletes (the company was called after the Carrera Panamericana, the most harmful race in the world at the time). Today, it’s still devoted to sporting, while also producing sophisticated glasses at affordable prices. These Flat-Top sunglasses will not cost you a lot but look like they do, with a light-weight brown frame, brown gradient lenses, and gold accents on the arms and bridge. Price: $74

Ray-ban Wayfarers


There are a lot of sunglasses out there to choose from, however this will constantly apply: you can never ever go wrong with Ray-Ban wayfarers. Developed in 1952, these glasses represent renowned, timeless Americana and have been sported by everyone from presidents to Blues Brothers. You will not win points for being special, but why be special when you can be classically cool? Price: $75

Profound Aesthetic X Uo Sunglasses


NYC-based brand Profound Aesthetic has actually partnered with Urban Outfitters to create an exclusive line of sunglasses, and the X UO glasses are its best offering. Making use of the new-found appeal of horn-rimmed glasses (which were originally popular back in the 1950s and 1960s), these glasses affect the traditional style, with pitch-black acetate frames, silicone nose guards, and gray tinted lenses. Using these ways you’ll finally get a compliment from your sweetheart’s grandfather at a summer BARBEQUE. Price: $78

Sunpocket Ii Sunglasses


Established in the 1970s, Sunpocket acquired popularity in ski communities in Europe generally because of its shades’ capability to fold in half. Today, they still provide their signature folding sunglasses, but in contemporary designs and colors. All sets are made with lightweight products and the lenses are made from unbreakable polycarbonate, so you can fold ’em, slide ’em into your board shorts, and not stress over breaking them. Ever. Price: $78

9Five Watson Black Tones


9Five is a favored brand of the hip-hop and pro-athlete set, so you can feel fly as hell sporting these all-black-everything Watson Black Shades in the traditional wayfarer style. Price: $80

Fetch Eyewear Dash Sun Sunglasses


A timeless shape including special black, brown, and teal marbling, these frames are classic and unique at one time. The best part of investing in a pair of glasses from Fetch (well, aside from the fact that you can order them and attempt them on at home) is that they donate 100% of their revenues to the Pixie Job, which concentrates on animal rescue and adoption (get it, Bring?). Price: $85

Warby Parker Cliff Woodgrain Tortoise Sunglasses



You may think about Warby Parker only for the prescription glasses you wear in the office, however these Cliff tortoise shell glasses may change your perception entirely. Cut from a single sheet of custom-made cellulose acetate to keep color parity, these glasses are classy enough to couple with a fit for your 9-to-5 and your swim trunks and nothing else for your weekend strategies. Price: $95

Warby Parker Oxley Walnut Tortoise Shades


Another offering from Warby Parker, these tortoise shell glasses are more unique in shape and pattern than their bros discussed above– a thinner, rounder frame with more yellow than brown will supply you with an unique look for summer. Price: $95

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses


Oakley has a track record of crafting sunglasses that are used by individuals who are in motion– snowboarding, snowboarding, browsing, and skateboarding. Their signature Frogskin line– available in a ton of different color combinations– will stand up to whatever you throw at them, all year long. Price: $99

How to Buy Right Sunglasses?

Select the color based on how frequently you prepare to use your glasses. As fun as blue reflective lenses or strong red frames can be, unless you plan on breaking outboard shorts on the everyday or unless you’re a master at matching colors, brilliant colors can clash with your everyday closet. But if you’re one to make a statement with your accessories, embrace the bold hues. If you’re searching for more daily colors, opt for a color that contrasts the color of your hair.

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